Dry Night Training with Cooper

Follow-up to Cooper's 14 Dry Nights Completion

I did promise I'll be back and provide a little update on how Cooper is going following his successful completion of 14 dry nights in a row just over a week ago!  Well I'm proud as punch to say Cooper has maintained his 100% nights of dryness and it's been 9 nights on! Not a wet spot on his jocks since....

I've since purchased a little rechargeable night-time torch and Cooper is better able to navigate his way to the toilet by himself. So I am now enjoying unbroken sleeps too!

I am super proud of my little Cooper as he is only four years old and if you've been reading this blog of his journey, I did have some reservations on how successful the dry night training will go considering his young age. Most health professionals will only recommend to begin night time toilet training from five years old if it starts to become a problem for the child.

Obviously every child is different and if you feel that your child is ready for dry night training and is showing all the signs that they are ready, willing and able to participate in the program, then I say go for it. You as their parent will know if they're ready. In my situation, Cooper showed me he was ready so I went along with it and here we are now, now nine weeks later and completely dry. 

And do you know one of the best things? Over the last nine weeks, the only time I've washed the kids bed sheets is when I've wanted to wash them, not because I needed to! And that feels great! A win-win for all :)

Tanya xx

Success!! Cooper has reached 14 dry nights in a row!

Cooper has done it - he achieved his 14 dry nights in a row and is now officially night time dry! So, so proud of him and he is over the moon with his achievement. So in total it has taken him 8 weeks and 2 days to complete the program using The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package

I may have mentioned earlier on that I wasn't expecting it to be all 'plain sailing' as Cooper is only four years old and if anything, it may have been too young to begin him on a training program to become completely dry at night. How wrong I was! Cooper's training was by far easier and a smoother ride than his older brother Ashton, who was nearly six years old at the time. 

So tonight will be Cooper's first night without wearing the alarm and I am 100% confident he will continue his dry streak. He is aware that if he begins to wet on a consistent basis again he will need to put the alarm back on, so we'll take one night at a time and see how he goes!

I will be back in about one week's time to provide an update following his 14 dry nights in a row. So until then, thank you for reading and following Cooper's journey and I do hope it's helped you in some way!

Tanya xx

Two more dry nights to go!

I did say I'll keep you updated and I'm so happy to say Cooper's continuing his dry night streak and we've had 12 dry nights in a row! Two more nights to go to reach his 14 dry nights

Cooper is extremely excited and now that he can count his nights remaining on one hand, he understands now how long he's really got to go. Although this stage is very exciting and happy, it also brings with it a little bit of anxiety funnily enough! In the back of my mind I'm thinking of the consequence if he should have a little accident then he'll have to start his 14 dry nights again :(.  How disappointing that would be for all of us, however, I'm very confident he'll see this one through! 

Having an accident with only a few nights to go does happen, we all must understand that, but at the same time we must look at it as a positive step towards becoming completely dry.

So, on a positive note, Cooper's on his final stretch and he's doing so well and I can't wait to update you all tomorrow night!

Tanya xx

On the home stretch - 10 dry nights in a row!

OMG it has been one month since my last blog post, that is shocking! That aside, Cooper's dry night training has been going gung-ho and last night was his 10th dry night in a row! This is his longest dry nights spell, so really crossing my fingers for him that he continues for the next four nights xxxx! He has been going really well over the last month with only 3 nights with little accidents, so I'm very pleased.

It has been not quite 8 weeks now since Cooper began on the bedwetting alarm success program. Cooper's excitement and motivation has not wavered one bit, he still looks forward to going to the fridge each morning and putting his 'red' sticker on the chart. The Achievement Chart provides an excellent visual aid for each child on the program because they can clearly see their progress laid out before them. It certainly plays a huge part in the success of The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Program because it keeps them motivated, excited and propels them to keep reaching for their goal.

So, exciting few nights coming up in the 'Harry' household and I promise to keep you all updated within the next few nights leading up to program completion!

Tanya xx

4 Dry Nights in a row and counting...

I'm back! It's been 10 days since my last post and during that time Cooper's had seven 'I beat the buzzer' dry nights and we're currently on a roll with four dry nights in a row!

We've had a few distractions thrown in including one night of throwing up then a brewing chest infection which we managed to catch in time, so considering all that, Cooper's done really well! There were even two nights in there (when he was ill) when I didn't bother making him wear his alarm, so was expecting wet nights however because we were up every couple hours, he had the chance to go to the toilet.

So I guess something for you to keep in mind. If your child falls sick whilst training on the bedwetting alarm program, to save yourself and your child extra hassle, leave the alarm off and slip on a pullup. You can resume again once they're feeling better and up to it. After all, it is meant to be a fun and fulfilling experience, not something they'll begin to resent.

Have a fantastic Sunday evening everyone :)

Tanya xx

From setback to first dry night!

Very excited mum here - last night Cooper had his first dry night! He woke on his own at around 2:30am to go to the toilet. So he got his first 'I beat the buzzer' sticker this morning and boy was he excited!! Such a difference to the night before's little setback when he slept through the alarm and wet his bed....Well he certainly made up for it last night!

So he's had his first dry night within a week and a half of starting The Parenting Garden program, so I'm stoked.  Let's see what tonight brings!

Tanya xx

10 nights in to the Program & Cooper's getting up with no help!

Whooo Hooo, we've changed sticker colour! This morning Cooper was rewarded a special smiley face sticker because he's achieved 3 nights in a row of 'getting up with no help'. He's beat me out of bed each time, so he is totally chuffed with himself as you can imagine!

Here's a picture of his chart so far - 10 nights on The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Program and he's already waking up to the alarm consistently, and now getting himself out of bed on his own. 

I've still been making him wear pullups over the top of his jocks, however if he keeps getting up as quick as he has I won't worry about them, as his pullups have been completely dry the last few nights. To be honest, because Cooper is not such a heavy sleeper compared to his older brother, I've finding he's progressing on the program much quicker, understandably. A heavy sleeper is going to take longer in the early weeks of the program, but once they begin waking up to the alarm on their own, progression really accelerates.

So all good, Cooper's still loving it and excited as ever.  I'm happy as he hasn't wet his sheets for over 10 nights and I also get the amazing experience of seeing another child's confidence grow. :)

Tanya xx

Haven't changed bed sheets all week!

Six nights into the program and all still going well! Cooper is still very excited to wear his alarm each night and has been jumping into his bed each night making his cheeky loud excited laugh!  

We are still on blue stickers (Cooper chose blue for getting up with help), and apart from one night, each time he's been awake by the time I reached his bedroom. It was the one night when my hubby went in to help him and he was still snoozing!

So we are coming up to the end of our first week with Cooper's dry night time training and I am happy with his progress, he's still a happy excited boy and I haven't had to change his bed sheets all week, wooo hoooo!

Tanya xx

And we're off!

Last night was Coopers first night wearing his bedwetting alarm and was a very successful night! He woke to the alarm twice during the night, the first just before midnight, and I assisted him to the toilet, the second just after 3am and he got himself up and was on his way to the toilet before I reached him!

Unlike his brother, Cooper is not a heavy sleeper so he woke to the alarm sound pretty well straight away. When I was training Ashton, I remember I had to wake him up during the first week each time the alarm sounded because he was such a deep sleeper. And I found that was the biggest battle with him in the early weeks. 

After Cooper's second wet, I made the mistake of putting on the same pullups over his jocks thinking the slight wetness in the pullup won't affect the sensor...d-dol, it set the buzzer off just as Cooper settled back in bed. So, note for self and others - if wearing pullups over the top, replace them as well!

So this morning Cooper got to put two different coloured stickers on his chart, one for getting up with help, the other for getting up with no help, so a very chuffed little boy and a very proud mother indeed :)

Until next time...

Tanya xx

First night - here we come!

Hi guys! Well tonight I decided to begin my 3rd and youngest child, Cooper, on The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Program. For those of you who are new to this, I'm Tanya and I put together the Bedwetting Alarm Success Program when I was training Ashton, my second child towards dry nights. He was five years old at the time. Since then Ashton's been an integral part of this program, and we've helped hundreds of other boys and girls achieve dry night success using The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this blog - I've decided to blog our journey with Cooper, and hopefully it may help other parents out there who are thinking about it, or are becoming concerned about their child's bed wetting, or are at the point where they don't know what else they can do to help.

Well Cooper is only 4 years old, a little on the younger side of starting dry-night training, but ever since his older brother used the bedwetting alarm, he's been super keen to wear his own! So tonight, after explaining to him we need to put down another towel on his sheets before he goes to bed, we both decided he can wear his own alarm tonight! Cooper wears pullups at night but on most occasions, he wees through them and ends up soaking his bed. So as an extra precaution, we've put on some pullups over top of his jocks tonight.

So, we'll see how tonight goes.....He's only been in bed for 30 minutes and he's already been out of bed twice to do a wee, which must be excitement! I know he's only 4 so I am expecting a few extra hiccups along the way but with consistent use each night, we'll get there!

.....So here we go! :)

Tanya xx