About the Captain Dry Pants™ Program


The Captain Dry Pants™ Program has been created by Tanya of The Parenting Garden and is an 'imaginative' addition to The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package.

During a child's journey towards achieving 14 dry nights in a row*, they'll get to complete seven fun and habit-creating missions with Captain Dry Pants and receive important Honour Badges in recognition of their efforts, improvements and progress. Our results show that if a child is motivated, excited and can visually see and track their own progress towards their ultimate goal, then successful dry nights is inevitable. 

The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package has helped over 4000 children become dry at night and stay dry forever. It is an extremely effective system that not only trains the child's brain to recognise a full bladder at night, but is fun, engaging, motivating and very rewarding for the child. That is why The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package has become the most trusted and successful night-time training tool among parents.

You can read the many parent reviews here.

 (*Or as otherwise recommended by your health professional)


So who is Captain Dry Pants™?

Captain Dry Pants is a fun fictitious character who goes on a journey with your child towards achieving dry nights with using a bedwetting alarm. They work together to beat the 'Wet Soggy Underpants' and complete seven important missions along the way.

Although the underlining goal is achieving dry nights, the Captain Dry Pants™ Program doesn't reward for dryness itself, as staying dry at night is something that they have no control over. Instead, the missions acknowledge the child's efforts and improvements as well as achievements in their journey. Progress is not just about dry nights.

As an example, their second mission is called 'The Night Walk'. Below is an extract of the mission:

Do you know why this mission is called 'The Night Walk'? You've guessed it - you're going to walk yourself to the toilet during the night! It's totally OK if your parent woke you up or you woke up by yourself. They can even walk with you, as long as you actually use your own legs to get you from your bed to the toilet. That's the only rule!

This is a really super mission to complete, believe it or not, because sometimes just getting our of your bed in the middle of the night and walking to the bathroom can be really hard to do (and annoying), so that's why this mission deserves a Captain Dry Pants 'Splat Attack' sticker!

Some of these missions may be completed in the same night and can be quite easily attained in the early days of the Program. This helps build confidence and momentum in your child. Other missions may be a little more difficult to accomplish and take a bit longer. However, by the time your child reaches their final voyage - the 14th Dry Night in a row (or other number as recommended by your health professional), they would have completed all seven missions, have developed healthier habits in both mind and body and most of all had fun along the way!

Your child also has the opportunity to earn three 'Honour Badges' in the duration of their journey and these get awarded by YOU as their parent.

These Honour Badges are:

  • Badge of Responsibility
  • Badge of Resilience
  • Badge of Self Confidence

Earning these badges are an integral part of the Captain Dry Pants™ Program as it acknowledges and celebrates these important life skills they've developed during their journey. These attributes are important life skills which will help them for the rest of their lives.

Your child will naturally meet 'challenges' along the way, e.g. sleeping through the buzzer, a wet night following a succession of dry nights in a row, overcoming disappointment and having a wet bed! This program acknowledged each of these challenges, explains to the child why they happen and teaches them to overcome setbacks and to demonstrate resilience. 

For further information on The Captain Dry Pants™ Program or to check out where to access the missions etc, please visit our website at www.captaindrypants.com.au. You can purchase the Program here on The Parenting Garden website or the Captain Dry Pants website.


What does the Captain Dry Pants™ Program include?

The Captain Dry Pants™ Program includes:

  • Access to Mission Base Command Centre (Captain Dry Pants website) where you and your child receive special 'codes' to access each of their missions.
  • 7 Missions to complete and earn the 'Splat Attack' stickers.
  • Accomplish 3 Honour Badges.
  • All the stickers they require for the Captain Dry Pants™ Program!
  • Colourful printed Achievement Chart so they can track their progress.
  • Parent Notes for each mission.
  • Challenges explained.
  • Access to the Captain Dry Pants Facebook Group to connect with other families going through the same journey.
  • Certificate of Achievement from Captain Dry Pants after completing their journey of 14 dry nights in a row.
  • On completion of the Program they also become members of the Captain Dry Pants 'All Stars Team' in recognition of their effort and achievement in their dry nights journey.
  • Friendly and helpful support throughout the Program.

IMPORTANT: To undertake the Program, you will need access to a suitable and reliable bedwetting alarm device. The Program has been designed with using The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm, however an alternative alarm device can be used.

If purchasing the Captain Dry Pants™ Program & Bedwetting Alarm Success Package, the Program includes all the above elements PLUS all the inclusions in The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Package.


How to purchase:

You can purchase the Captain Dry Pants™ Program & Bedwetting Alarm Success Package from this website or from the Captain Dry Pants website. Following purchase you will receive instructions on how to gain access to the Program and the missions from the Captain Dry Pants website.

If you already own a bedwetting alarm device, the Captain Dry Pants™ Program can be purchased on it's own and be used with your alarm.