Nature Mentoring Program

Nature offers benefits to our growth and development in ways that man-made interventions can’t compare! Just by being in nature can be extremely therapeutic for both children and adults. It is also known to improve mental and/or physical health.

What is our Nature Mentoring Program?

Trained Kidz Coach, Tanya, provides one-to-one mentoring sessions focusing on nature-based activities and connecting with the environment.

The mentoring sessions also help to develop the participant’s:

  • Relationship with nature
  • Coordination, balance and strength
  • Resilience and problem solving
  • Awareness of their environment
  • Team building skills
  • Sustainable living practices

All sessions are tailored to each person’s needs, goals and interests. Sessions consist of nature-based activities, nature exploration and nature play to develop social skills, emotional regulation and communication skills.

Tanya uses the four modalities of Connect, Empower, Play and Grow developed by Nichole Hamilton at Children's Safe Space. Tanya intuitively supports children, youth or people with special needs by helping them feel safe, empowered and to be their authentic self in a natural and peaceful environment.  

What do sessions involve?

Sessions go for roughly 90 minutes, depending on the participant’s needs and interests. All nature mentoring sessions take place at the farm. The first half hour we usually work on a farm chore where it teaches responsibility, discipline and structure. The last hour is student-led. They decide if they want to spend that time with the animals, create some crafts, go for a walk, play or just sit in the quiet and have a conversation!

During our mentoring sessions, participant’s can absorb themselves in nature and all that the farm has to offer. This leaves them feeling more connected, grounded and calm. 

Our mentoring sessions include a wide range of experiences and activities depending on the client’s interests and preferences, weather conditions and what's available on the farm at the time.

Some examples of nature-based experiences and activities can include:

  • Pebble art and nature crafts
  • Sensory walks
  • Patting and feeding the animals
  • Gardening
  • Planting and taking care of vegetables
  • Taking the donkey and goat for a walk
  • Recycling and composting
  • Worm farming
  • Rock hopping and exploring the terrain
  • Exploring the fairy garden
  • Wild animal spotting
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Collecting chicken eggs
  • Cooking and making meals from the garden
  • Animal breathing (Yoga breathing techniques)
  • Campfire cooking (seasonal)
  • Milking the cows
  • Collecting wood
  • Helping with farm chores
  • Education on sustainability and permaculture

Most of the time sessions are held outdoors so participants will need to be suitably dressed for the weather conditions and prepared to get a bit grubby! Activities are also dependent on what's available on the farm at the time.

Most importantly, Tanya allows participants to be guided by their own curiosity. They learn basic skills through play and discovery, risk-taking, collaboration and using their own intuition.

Who is mentoring suitable for?

Face to face mentoring sessions are suitable for children, youth, people with special needs or adults of all ages. Participants with NDIS plans and independently funded clients are also welcome. 

Children with ASD, ADHD, anxiety or an inability to regulate emotions also can benefit from this program. It's also for those who don’t mind doing some physical activity, being outdoors in nature, improving their motor skills and experiencing new challenges.

For NDIS participants, Tanya works with the individual’s NDIS plan to achieve their specific goals and outcomes.

What is the cost?

Our pricing for mentoring services are in alignment with the NDIS Price Guide 2023/24. Fees will vary depending on the budget category and days and times you are wanting the support for.

Please refer to our NDIS page here for further information or feel free to contact us to find out more.

How to book?

We offer a free 'experience' session at Pleasant Sense Farm for individuals and their parents/carer to meet us and explore some of the property. This is to find out if the Mentoring Program will be the right fit for the child and their family.

Bookings can be made for mornings, afternoons, after-school or weekends depending on availability.

If you would like to make a referral for the Mentoring Program at Pleasant Sense Farm, you can either: