Success!! Cooper has reached 14 dry nights in a row!

Cooper has done it - he achieved his 14 dry nights in a row and is now officially night time dry! So, so proud of him and he is over the moon with his achievement. So in total it has taken him 8 weeks and 2 days to complete the program using The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package

I may have mentioned earlier on that I wasn't expecting it to be all 'plain sailing' as Cooper is only four years old and if anything, it may have been too young to begin him on a training program to become completely dry at night. How wrong I was! Cooper's training was by far easier and a smoother ride than his older brother Ashton, who was nearly six years old at the time. 

So tonight will be Cooper's first night without wearing the alarm and I am 100% confident he will continue his dry streak. He is aware that if he begins to wet on a consistent basis again he will need to put the alarm back on, so we'll take one night at a time and see how he goes!

I will be back in about one week's time to provide an update following his 14 dry nights in a row. So until then, thank you for reading and following Cooper's journey and I do hope it's helped you in some way!

Tanya xx

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