Holistic Habits and Routines to Help Overcome Your Child’s Bedwetting Program

$27.00 AUD

Holistic Habits and Routines to Help Overcome Your Child’s Bedwetting

In this easy-to-follow training, you’ll discover some of the most effective natural holistic strategies that you can teach your child, and help them to overcome their bedwetting.

  • Strategies that you can use alongside other first-line treatments, like a bedwetting alarm or medication prescribed by a health professional.
  • Will enhance your child’s other treatments for maximum success.
  • Doesn’t involve invasive procedures, tests, or doctor's appointments. 
  • Helps children’s bodies naturally lessen their bedwetting.
  • You can start your child immediately using these simple hacks!
  • Especially helpful for children who suffer from daytime wetting or have other lower urinary tract symptoms.

By the end of this short training you’ll know:

  • How to re-educate your child’s bladder by correcting and improving their fluid intake and toileting habits. 
  • What behavioral habits of parents should be avoided and what you can do to change this.
  • How to use these powerful strategies by naturally lessening their bedwetting and making other treatments MORE effective.
  • What triggers your child’s bedwetting and how to develop good habits for long-lasting results.

This training also includes access to a private discussion group on Facebook, for you to ask questions and share experiences, with me and other parents all over the world.

Go on, and discover how you can help your child’s bedwetting, just by making some simple changes to their habits and routines. You can start these techniques right away, won’t cost you a cent to establish, and will help make other treatments more effective!

  • Witness your child’s confidence and motivation to become dry GROW!
  • Can MAGNIFY the effectiveness of your child’s other treatments such as a bedwetting alarm or medication.
  • Easy to learn strategies that, when put in place, will be with your child long-term!