4 Dry Nights in a row and counting...

4 Dry Nights in a row and counting...

I'm back! It's been 10 days since my last post and during that time Cooper's had seven 'I beat the buzzer' dry nights and we're currently on a roll with four dry nights in a row!

We've had a few distractions thrown in including one night of throwing up then a brewing chest infection which we managed to catch in time, so considering all that, Cooper's done really well! There were even two nights in there (when he was ill) when I didn't bother making him wear his alarm, so was expecting wet nights however because we were up every couple hours, he had the chance to go to the toilet.

So I guess something for you to keep in mind. If your child falls sick whilst training on the bedwetting alarm program, to save yourself and your child extra hassle, leave the alarm off and slip on a pullup. You can resume again once they're feeling better and up to it. After all, it is meant to be a fun and fulfilling experience, not something they'll begin to resent.

Have a fantastic Sunday evening everyone :)

Tanya xx

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