About Us





I'm Tanya, mum of three, business owner and a parent educator specialising in childhood enuresis (bedwetting!). I'm on a worldwide mission to help other parents help their children take control of their bedwetting, become empowered and turn their bedwetting into a positive experience!

I have to say, my children have been my inspiration throughout my online store journey and have also been responsible for its transformation in to what my business is today! Starting off with predominantly baby and toddler products,  my range of products have slowly grown as my children have grown.

My signature product has been The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Package which I developed while my own two boys were going through a tough time with bed wetting. It has now grown to help over 5000 other children learn to become dry at night and stay dry forever!

From there I created the 'My Bed e Dry' wonder product that compliments bedwetting and toilet training perfectly! Changing a wet bed during the night in under 10 seconds is an absolute saviour to many parents! So be sure to check out these wonderful products too.

So after years of guiding other parents through my bedwetting alarm program, I have now designed a complete online learning program for children and their parents. 'Stop Bedwetting with Captain Dry Pants' is an imaginative and fun way to get on top of bedwetting! Children embark on a journey with Captain Dry Pants and work together to beat the 'Wet Soggy Underpants'! Click here to find out more!

Here at The Parenting Garden, you can trust that the products have met my stringent guidelines on affordability and good quality and have been tried, tested and passed by my family.  We are Australian owned and operated and your satisfaction is my 100% priority.

So, this is a website dedicated to help make your fantastic job as a parent easier! You'll find products suitable from pregnancy right through to school aged children and even a little something for us parents to enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by, have fun browsing the store and we hope we can help make your incredibly rewarding task of parenting that little bit easier too!

Tanya xx