On the home stretch - 10 dry nights in a row!

On the home stretch - 10 dry nights in a row!

On the home stretch - 10 dry nights in a row!

OMG it has been one month since my last blog post, that is shocking! That aside, Cooper's dry night training has been going gung-ho and last night was his 10th dry night in a row! This is his longest dry nights spell, so really crossing my fingers for him that he continues for the next four nights xxxx! He has been going really well over the last month with only 3 nights with little accidents, so I'm very pleased.

It has been not quite 8 weeks now since Cooper began on the bedwetting alarm success program. Cooper's excitement and motivation has not wavered one bit, he still looks forward to going to the fridge each morning and putting his 'red' sticker on the chart. The Achievement Chart provides an excellent visual aid for each child on the program because they can clearly see their progress laid out before them. It certainly plays a huge part in the success of The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Program because it keeps them motivated, excited and propels them to keep reaching for their goal.

So, exciting few nights coming up in the 'Harry' household and I promise to keep you all updated within the next few nights leading up to program completion!

Tanya xx

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