And we're off!

And we're off!

Last night was Coopers first night wearing his bedwetting alarm and was a very successful night! He woke to the alarm twice during the night, the first just before midnight, and I assisted him to the toilet, the second just after 3am and he got himself up and was on his way to the toilet before I reached him!

Unlike his brother, Cooper is not a heavy sleeper so he woke to the alarm sound pretty well straight away. When I was training Ashton, I remember I had to wake him up during the first week each time the alarm sounded because he was such a deep sleeper. And I found that was the biggest battle with him in the early weeks. 

After Cooper's second wet, I made the mistake of putting on the same pullups over his jocks thinking the slight wetness in the pullup won't affect the sensor...d-dol, it set the buzzer off just as Cooper settled back in bed. So, note for self and others - if wearing pullups over the top, replace them as well!

So this morning Cooper got to put two different coloured stickers on his chart, one for getting up with help, the other for getting up with no help, so a very chuffed little boy and a very proud mother indeed :)

Until next time...

Tanya xx

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