Captain Dry Pants Bedwetting Alarm Online Program

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What makes this dry-night training program so unique?

The Captain Dry Pants Bedwetting Alarm Program is an interactive and relatable training resource, lovingly created by a mum to help families overcome their childrens bedwetting. With the use of a bedwetting alarm, children embark on a fun learning journey towards achieving 14 dry nights in a row.

They navigate their way through:

  • 7 habit-creating missions
  • Complete fun activities and learning exercises throughout the whole journey
  • Receive video guidance by 12 year old Ashton along the way!

Learn more about our holistic approach to bed wetting and how it's not all about achieving dryness...



    So who is Captain Dry Pants?

    Captain Dry Pants is a fun fictitious character who goes on a journey with your child towards achieving dry nights using a bedwetting alarm. They work together to beat the 'Wet Soggy Underpants' - the ultimate in FUN and EDUCATIONAL dry-night training for children!


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    In addition to becoming dry at night, children will:

    • Take control of their bedwetting without it controlling them!
    • Develop healthy habits to assist them to become dry at night
    • Have the confidence to communicate their feelings
    • Accept they're not alone and interact with other kids!
    • Embrace their journey and turn it in to a positive experience
    • Take on responsibility to become dry
    • Discover their resilience and learn to push through challenges
    • Believe in themselves and trust that their goals are in reach
    • Accept the support of others without embarrassment or guilt
    • Be proud of themselves and enjoy the ride!


      Parents will discover:

      • Why bedwetting alarms won’t work if your child’s unmotivated
      • That limiting their fluid intake is doing more harm than good
      • Why lifting your child at night is the worst thing you can do!
      • Why waking your child when YOU feel like it is doing nothing to teach them
      • That medications prescribed by doctors are not really the solution
      • How easy it is to keep your child motivated and excited to become dry at night
      • Why sleeping through the alarm is still teaching your child
      • How bedwetting is benefiting your child
      • How your child can survive school camps and sleepovers
      • Why you shouldn’t ‘give up’!


      Earn Honour Badges

      Your child also has the opportunity to earn three 'Honour Badges' throughout their journey and these get awarded by YOU as their parent.

      • These badges are the Badge of Responsibility, Badge of Resilience and the Badge of Self-Confidence.
      • Acknowledges and celebrates important life skills they've developed during their journey.
      • These Honour Badges take pride of place on their Achievement Chart and is a beautiful reminder of their self-development achievements.


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      You'll get all this... In both the LAUNCH and ACCELERATE Programs!

      • Lifetime access 24/7 to the self-paced ONLINE PROGRAM!
      • 7 x Missions to complete, 3 x Honour Badges to earn and to achieve 14 dry nights in a row!
      • 19 x downloadables which include a Voyage Passport, Journey Map and Achievement Chart, 8 x Activity Sheets and 8 x 'Let's Explore' Activities.
      • Guidance by Tanya and Ashton through 25 x Videos, 8 x Parent Guides, Explanation of Challenges and Instructions for Over-learning.
      • Instant access to the Captain Dry Pants private facebook group for additional support from Tanya and other parents.
      • Opportunity to test their learning by completing Quiz's at the end of each Mission!
      • Email support and Certificate of Completion at the end of their journey (14 consecutive dry nights)!


      Plus all these extras... In the ACCELERATE Program!

      • Good quality wearable Bedwetting Alarm device (The Parenting Garden) with spare sensor and 3 x alarm-face stickers!
      • 20 page Mission Activity Book with removable Achievement Chart and all the Stickers your child will need! No need to download anything - all activities are in this book!
      • Letter from Ashton to your child which can also be personalised! Children LOVE receiving their very own letter from another child who has gone through what they are experiencing.
      • PHONE support by Tanya, in addition to email support.



      Launch or Accelerate? Compare the features below:


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      By the end of this program your child will...

      • Be able to consistently achieve dry nights by either waking up on their own to a full bladder or hold on until morning.
      • Be able to recognise what triggers their wetting and learn to avoid certain food and/or drinks.
      • Have developed good drinking and toileting habits for long-lasting results.
      • Have discovered they're not the only child that wets their bed and feels like part of a team in their dry-night journey.
      • Have a good understanding of the bladder and how their urinary system works!
      • Have improved their memory, focus on the moment and notice how their body feels.
      • Be comfortable at communicating their feelings about their bedwetting.
      • Have the ability to look at challenges and setbacks in a positive light and gather what can be learned from the situation.
      • Be prepared for school camps and sleepovers and enjoy the experience without worrying about wetting the bed.
      • Feel confident in their own ability to stay dry and an immense feeling of accomplishment in achieving something BIG!




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