School Age

They're now off to school and you feel you've finally gained back some 'me' time!  But with school comes extra exposure to common health issues and concerns such as coughs, colds and ear infections and even the dreaded head lice!  We've selected innovative and helpful products to help parents during these times.
View all 100% Combed Cotton 100% waterproof 3 in 1 Achievement Chart Alarm Clock alarm sensor Australian standards autism baby thermometer Back packs Backpack Bamboo battery operated Beach toys Bed Dry Bed e Dry Bed Mat Bed Pad Bed Pad Set Bed protection Bed Protector bed wetting Bed wetting alarm Bed wetting alarm achievement chart bed wetting alarm pack bed wetting alarm program bed wetting in children bed wetting progress chart bedwetting Bedwetting achievement chart bedwetting alarm bedwetting alarm program Bedwetting Alarm Progress Chart Bedwetting Alarm Success Package bedwetting chart bedwetting in children bedwetting progress chart Bee Booster Seat Butterfly Nightlight Captain Dry Pants Captain Dry Pants Program Car park safety Car Safety Magnets Cars are Big & I am Small Child Booster Seat child enuresis Child safety in car parks Child safety in carparks Children sunglasses Children sunnies Children with worries Christmas Clock Comforter Designed in Australia Digital infrared digital infrared thermometer Digital Thermometer Dog Dolphin Dribble Bubbs ear easemed Eco friendly Electronic Head Lice Comb electronic nit comb enuresis enuresis alarm Environmentally Friendly Eye Tribe Eyewear Fairies take worries away Fashion eyewear Forehead Forget Me Not Insulated Food Jar Frankie Ray free bag head lice head lice treatment Holiday Photo Props Honour Badge Honour Badges Houdini Houdini No Spill Houdini Spill Illustrated Safety Book Insulated Food Jar Interactive Worry Plaque Jaws Juice Kids eyewear Kids sunglasses kids sunnies Kids worry Ladybird Ladybug Leopard Letter from Ashton Lice Comb Mat Mattress Mattress Protection Mattress Protector Michael Grose Milk Bottles Missions Monkey Nightlight My Bed e Dry nasal aspirator night time training nit comb nits no more worries No Spill One Step Ahead Organic Bamboo Owl nightlight Pad PaddlePak Parent Gift Pack parenting Parking lot safety Parking Pal Parking pal Alphabet Parking Pal Butterfly Parking Pal Car Decal Parking Pal Car Magnet Parking Pal Combo Pack Parking Pal Construction Parking Pal Dinosaur Parking Pal Fairies Parking Pal Flower Parking Pal Sweet Treats Parking Pal Train Parking Pal Unicorn Pearhead Penguin Photos Pillow case Pillow slip Pillowcase Pillowslip Portable Booster Seat Portable nightlight Potty Training Pants Progress Chart Safety Book Sam Sheep Sam the Lamb Sam the Sheep schools Scrunch Scrunch Bucket Scrunch Bucket & Moulds Set Scrunch Moulds sensory processing disorder Sheet Protector Skip Hop Skip Hop Zoo Sleep Trainer Sleep trainer clock Sleeptrainer SnooziHedz SnooziHedz Travel Pillow Blanket SnooziHedz Trunki Snotty 3 Snotty Three Snotty Three Nasal Aspirator special needs Spill Stainless Steel Insulated Food Jar Stickers Sun glasses Sun protection Sunglasses Sunnies Sweet Treats Take your worries away Take-along Nightlight Tang Fish TGA Approval The Irish Fairy Door Company The Parenting Garden The Parenting Garden Achievement Chart Thermometer Thermometers Toddler Toddler Booster Seat Toddler sunglasses toilet training Toosh Coosh Toosh Coosh Booster Seat TPU Travel Pal Trunki Trunki PaddlePak Backpacks Turtle Umbrella Umbrellas Unicorn UV Protection Water resistant backpacks Waterproof Waterproof Bed Pad Wellness Pack wetting the bed Worry Worry Plaque Zoo collection Zoobrella Zoobrella Bee Zoobrella Dog Zoobrella Giraffe Zoobrella Little Kids Umbrella

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