Follow-up to Cooper's 14 Dry Nights Completion

Follow-up to Cooper's 14 Dry Nights Completion

Follow-up to Cooper's 14 Dry Nights Completion

I did promise I'll be back and provide a little update on how Cooper is going following his successful completion of 14 dry nights in a row just over a week ago!  Well I'm proud as punch to say Cooper has maintained his 100% nights of dryness and it's been 9 nights on! Not a wet spot on his jocks since....

I've since purchased a little rechargeable night-time torch and Cooper is better able to navigate his way to the toilet by himself. So I am now enjoying unbroken sleeps too!

I am super proud of my little Cooper as he is only four years old and if you've been reading this blog of his journey, I did have some reservations on how successful the dry night training will go considering his young age. Most health professionals will only recommend to begin night time toilet training from five years old if it starts to become a problem for the child.

Obviously every child is different and if you feel that your child is ready for dry night training and is showing all the signs that they are ready, willing and able to participate in the program, then I say go for it. You as their parent will know if they're ready. In my situation, Cooper showed me he was ready so I went along with it and here we are now, now nine weeks later and completely dry. 

And do you know one of the best things? Over the last nine weeks, the only time I've washed the kids bed sheets is when I've wanted to wash them, not because I needed to! And that feels great! A win-win for all :)

Tanya xx

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