10 nights in to the Program & Cooper's getting up with no help!

Whooo Hooo, we've changed sticker colour! This morning Cooper was rewarded a special smiley face sticker because he's achieved 3 nights in a row of 'getting up with no help'. He's beat me out of bed each time, so he is totally chuffed with himself as you can imagine!

Here's a picture of his chart so far - 10 nights on The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Program and he's already waking up to the alarm consistently, and now getting himself out of bed on his own. 

I've still been making him wear pullups over the top of his jocks, however if he keeps getting up as quick as he has I won't worry about them, as his pullups have been completely dry the last few nights. To be honest, because Cooper is not such a heavy sleeper compared to his older brother, I've finding he's progressing on the program much quicker, understandably. A heavy sleeper is going to take longer in the early weeks of the program, but once they begin waking up to the alarm on their own, progression really accelerates.

So all good, Cooper's still loving it and excited as ever.  I'm happy as he hasn't wet his sheets for over 10 nights and I also get the amazing experience of seeing another child's confidence grow. :)

Tanya xx

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