Farm Animal Program

For those children where animals are their 'thing', then Tanya offers individual mentoring sessions tailored around caring for the farm animals at Pleasant Sense Farm!

All regular visits are tailored to each child's needs, goals, challenges and interests. Trained Kidz Coach and Animal Therapy Assistant, Tanya, bases each session around 'caring' for and tending to the animals. Through these animal interactions children develop important life skills, social skills, emotional regulation and communication skills. Engaging with the animals also help them build trust, self-confidence and a sense of connection.

For NDIS participants, Tanya works with the child's individual NDIS plan to achieve their specific goals and outcomes. NDIS rates apply.

The Farm Animal Program is held at the beautiful Pleasant Sense Farm near Mt Pleasant, South Australia. 

The farm has a range of different animals to work with including chickens, cows, a donkey, a goat, alpacas and a dog.


Examples of activities on the Farm Animal Program can include:

  • Interacting and patting the animals
  • Preparing the animals food
  • Feeding the cows, donkey and alpacas
  • Collecting eggs and handling baby chicks
  • Cuddle and groom the cows
  • Walks with the donkey, goat and dog
  • Milking the cow (seasonal)
  • Education on animal husbandry

Children can absorb themselves in the animals presence, leaving them more connected, grounded and calm. There is a lot of evidence that supports the positive impact animals have on children and adults by reducing stress, increasing confidence and improved attention, to name a few.

Sessions can be 1 to 2 hours depending on the child's needs and interests, can be weather dependent and what's available on the farm at the time. 

The Farm Animal Program is suitable for all children who may benefit from interacting and caring for animals and for those children with NDIS plans. It's also for those who want to do some physical activity, be outdoors in nature, improve their motor skills and experience new challenges to help regulate behaviour.

In all farm animal sessions there is a strong focus not only on caring for the animals, but also social skills such as communication, listening, following instructions, taking responsibility and demonstrating resilience. 

Tanya offers a free 1 hour 'taster' session at Pleasant Sense Farm to meet each other and see if the Farm Animal Program will be the right fit for the child and their family. 



Aim of program:  To help children develop life skills, improve social and communication skills and regulate emotions based on caring and interacting with animals. 
1 or 2 hour sessions
People per session:  1 participant with 1 support person.
Cost:  Contact Tanya for pricing.
Suitable for:  Children with NDIS plans and members of the public.
Access:  Wheelchair friendly with some sloped areas requiring assistance.
What to bring: Hats, sunscreen, enclosed shoes, drink bottle and warm clothing in cold or wet weather.
Location: Pleasant Sense Farm only 6 minutes from Mt Pleasant township, South Australia. Address will be given at time of booking.


Using NDIS funding for this service:

Please click here for further information on using the participants NDIS funding to access the Farm Animal Program. 


How to book - what's next?

  1. Complete the online Intake Form or contact Tanya on the details below.
  2. We will be in touch to arrange your free introductory session.


Please contact Tanya on:
0448 557 329
or email
for further info or assistance with booking a session.