My Personal Story

My family's personal bedwetting story...

As a mum I know all too well what it’s like to have a school aged child still wetting the bed at night....

My six year old son, Ashton, used to wet his bed each night and believe me, making him put on his pull-ups and telling him to ‘try not to wet the bed tonight’ did nothing for his confidence and self-esteem. In fact, unintentionally I was probably making him feel worse and even ashamed....

I felt guilty about doing this.

But what could I do?

I worked hard through the day and ran a household so I just had to have my sleep. But having to change Ashton's bed during the night or set my alarm at midnight so I can wake him up and take him to the toilet - it just wasn’t working.

I later found I was committing the most common mistake among parents!

By making Ashton wear pull-ups and waking him up through the night, I was transferring the responsibility for staying dry from him to me, therefore he was not learning anything!

So he became accustomed to emptying his bladder during his sleep. I was making the problem worse! I had to shift my focus and let him become responsible for staying dry through the night.

There had to be a better way!

I didn’t realise just how much it was affecting him and how insecure his bed wetting problem was making him feel. I could sense he felt ashamed and that he could not understand why he had this problem and his friends didn’t (well so we thought!). He had just started school that year and I was worried that his bed wetting was making him feel isolated, ‘different’ and insecure.

Although I was encouraging and would never tell him off for wetting the bed, I felt incredibly frustrated and was beginning to think it must be me doing something wrong and I was the one failing my son. I was fed up with the size of my washing pile every day, and the money I was spending on buying pull-ups!

I researched treatment options and decided we'll try a bedwetting alarm but was shocked at how expensive these devices were! To spend in upwards of $200 on just an alarm was stretching the budget, although I did have confidence in its effectiveness.

So instead, I decided to source my own as a 'tester'. Within a couple of weeks Ashton was beginning to wake to the alarm on his own which was amazing!

I loved this device so much I decided to tweak it, introduce stickers and a chart for Ashton and gradually watched his confidence creep back following each achievement I set.

Well the rest is history!

This simple device not only stopped my son's bed wetting, it gave him back his confidence, pride and happiness he so well deserves! Nothing beats the look on their little faces following their first dry night!

So soon your child can also say goodbye to the frustration, anxiety and embarrassment of wetting the bed and soon be saying hello to dry nights, more confidence and sleepovers!

It was the best thing I did for both of my sons bedwetting...


Tanya xx