Two more dry nights to go!

Two more dry nights to go!

I did say I'll keep you updated and I'm so happy to say Cooper's continuing his dry night streak and we've had 12 dry nights in a row! Two more nights to go to reach his 14 dry nights

Cooper is extremely excited and now that he can count his nights remaining on one hand, he understands now how long he's really got to go. Although this stage is very exciting and happy, it also brings with it a little bit of anxiety funnily enough! In the back of my mind I'm thinking of the consequence if he should have a little accident then he'll have to start his 14 dry nights again :(.  How disappointing that would be for all of us, however, I'm very confident he'll see this one through! 

Having an accident with only a few nights to go does happen, we all must understand that, but at the same time we must look at it as a positive step towards becoming completely dry.

So, on a positive note, Cooper's on his final stretch and he's doing so well and I can't wait to update you all tomorrow night!

Tanya xx

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