Achievement Chart for Bedwetting Alarm (downloadable version)

$4.95 AUD

This 11 page downloadable document contains a colourful Achievement Chart and bonus support material to help you and your child get off to the best possible start. Designed for use with The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm, however can also be used to complement other bedwetting alarms as well.



  • 2-page Achievement Chart - weeks 1 through to 24.
  • My Goals sheet for your child explaining how to use the Chart and follow the program.
  • Guide for Parents which covers valuable suggestions and tips for both you and your child.
  • 5-page Guide explaining the Honour Badges and how/when to reward them to your child.


Don't have access to a printer?

This document can be purchased in physical form, including a laminated Achievement Chart and all the stickers your child would need on the program. Click here to access the physical product version.