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Bed wetting is a problem for many school age children and their families and it is important that they don't feel alone with this. If you have a child that suffers from bed wetting, then this could be your answer... 

The Facts:

  • Bed wetting is one of the most common childhood complaints and that boys are twice as likely to wet the bed than girls.
  • Nearly one in three children at the age of four wets the bed and about 10% of seven year old's wet the bed.
  • Bed wetting can be inherited. If one parent suffered from nocturnal enuresis as a child there is approximately a 43% chance of their child wetting the bed.

The Solution:

According to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne (1), Bedwetting Alarms are considered the most useful and successful initial way to treat bed wetting. Research has shown that these alarms will help more than 80% of children to become dry, and most children will then stay dry. Bedwetting Alarms have good long-term success and are the fastest way of treating enuresis than any other method.  And the advantage of Bedwetting Alarms is that they are cost effective.

(1) Source: RCH General Medicine Department, October 2010.



How do they work?

Bedwetting Alarms work on the principle of Conditioned Learning where the brain is conditioned to be open to messages from the bladder and prevent bed wetting during sleep. When the moisture sensitive part of the alarm is activated by the first drop of urine, the alarm sounds and your child should usually wake up. The brain will react by sending a message to the bladder to stop the flow of urine. Eventually a link between wetting the bed and being woken is established and your child's mind learns to 'beat the alarm', hopefully leading to dry nights.

The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm consists of two main parts - the alarm and the easy-clip moisture sensor. The alarm unit is positioned around your child's upper arm using the adjustable strap and the attached cord then runs up your child's arm (underneath the pajamas top) and is clipped to the outside of your child's jocks or knickers. When your child starts to wee, the moisture sensor detects the urine immediately and activates the alarm. The alarm will give out a loud 'beeping' sound, start vibrating and the light will start flashing. The alarm will continue to sound until the moisture sensor is removed from the underwear. This helps to wake up even the deepest of sleepers (like my own)!

Using the Bedwetting Alarm over time will train the brain to have automatic control over the bladder. Your child will learn to wake up before needing to wee, or continue to sleep without needing to empty their bladder.


The Benefits:

  • Easy and fun to use. Your child will feel happy and confident, allowing them to get on with life and be themselves!
  • Small and hides under clothing. Sleepovers will no longer be a worrying experience for both of you.  
  • Alarm wakes up child at first sign of wetness, preventing your child from emptying their bladder in bed.
  • See results immediately! This does wonders for their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Cost effective. Saves you money in the long run without the need to buy pull-ups.
  • Saves time. Spend more time with your family and sleeping, and not changing sheets and doing the laundry!
  • Successful method. Thousands of successful results worldwide, including my family! 
  • Entered in the ARTG. The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm is entered in the ARTG, 236063.
  • Environmentally Friendly. No chemicals are used or damage to the environment through the use of the Bedwetting Alarm.
  • Excellent Customer Service. Giving you peace of mind that you can go to someone if you have any questions. Our service does not just stop at the sale.  You'll get genuine advice from another parent who's gone through all this before.



So what's included in this unique Success Package?

This life-changing program is the complete solution to teaching your child to become dry at night using a bedwetting alarm without the stress and without medication.

This program has been put together with love, passion and a real understanding of what children and their families go through when bed wetting becomes a serious issue and impacts the child's social and emotional well being.

Included in this package are the following:

  • The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Unit

    • packaged within a strong attractive gift box.
    • The alarm consists of the alarm unit attached to a comfortable arm band which adjusts to your child's comfort.
    • This is attached to the moisture sensitive clip that you attach securely onto the underpants.
    • 3 x alarm-face stickers with different designs so your child can personalise their alarm!
    • Detailed and easy to read instructions with helpful tips.
    • 2 x lithium batteries (CR2025) so you can start using the alarm right away.

  • 'Guide to Success' Booklet, Achievement Chart & Stickers

Exclusive to The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package, this 26 page Guide includes everything you and your child will need during their dry-night journey including:  
    • Achievement Chart (removable) and all stickers 
    • Helpful tips to get started
    • Guide for Parents and My Goals for your child 
    • Acknowledging and celebrating important life skills
    • Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting
    • Over-learning and what happens after the program
    • Achievement Certificate on completion
    • How to access support, and more!

  • Letter to your Child from Ashton  

    • What better way to motivate your child by giving them a very special letter from another child!
    • It may help them to open up and chat about how they're feeling.
    • It helps them learn that they are not the 'only child in the world' to still wet their bed.
    • It does wonders for their self-esteem and I guarantee they'll say they 'can't wait' to wear their alarm that night!  
    • This letter can also be personalised with your child's name for that extra special touch! Simply type your child's first name in the 'Notes' section of the Shopping Cart, it's that easy!
    • (Tip: Give your child this letter as soon as you open the box with them, they love receiving their very own special letter, especially from a friend just like them!). 


  • Honour Badges - NEW addition to the Program!  

    • Introducing three Honour Badge stickers to earn! 
    • Your child will have many opportunities to demonstrate their ability to be responsible, practice resilience and increase their self confidence.
    • These self-development achievements can now be acknowledged and celebrated by your child in addition to achieving dry nights.
    • Awarded by the parent to their child and when awarded gets placed on their Achievement Chart.


    • Spare set of Batteries! 

      • In addition to the set already installed in the unit, a spare set of 2 x coin lithium batteries will be included within your package!  Sometimes new batteries can be duds (yes it does happen!), or just when you need new batteries you can't find them anywhere! Having a spare set on hand sets you and your child up for success right from the start.


    • Personal support throughout the program

      • I am Tanya and I'm an experienced user with successful results with my two sons! (Feel free to read my blog here as we went through the dry-night training journey with Cooper).
      • I provide friendly and helpful support and advice when you need it by phone, email or facebook.
      • I'm here to help you and your child achieve dry nights forever.


    • Access to our Facebook Support Group

      • For additional support, hints and tips from The Parenting Garden and other parents on this same journey as you, you'll have the opportunity to join our closed Facebook Group.
      • You'll have access to this Group immediately following purchase.


    There you have it, all the above is bundled up into a supportive, motivational and personally prepared package for you and your family!


    When would you start to see results?

    From the very first night your child uses The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm, the learning process begins. However the conditional learning process will take some time. In the very beginning, if your child is a deep sleeper, you may need to help wake your child and lead them to the toilet. From the very first night your child's brain is already learning, even if they don't wake on their own at the beginning. If the Bedwetting Alarm is used consistently, typically is takes most children between 3-5 months to stop wetting the bed completely. However, each child is different and some may stop wetting after one week and others may need a few months, as long as the Bedwetting Alarm is used each and every night.


    For an extra $22 your child can embark on a journey with Captain Dry Pants!

    Training to become dry at night has just got a whole lot more fun! Based on The Parenting Garden's Bedwetting Alarm Success Package, your child can now team up with Captain Dry Pants and together defeat the villain - the Wet Soggy Underpants!

    During their journey towards achieving 14 dry nights in a row, they'll get to complete seven fun and habit-creating missions along the way and achieve important Honour Badges in recognition of their efforts, improvements and progress. For an extra $22 you'll have the Captain Dry Pants™ Program in addition to the Bedwetting Alarm Success Package. Training with Captain Dry Pants is the ULTIMATE in FUN and EDUCATIONAL night-time training for children with bedwetting issues. Most suitable for children from 4 to 9 years of age.

    Click here to purchase the Captain Dry Pants™ Program and Bedwetting Alarm Success Package or visit the Captain Dry Pants website for further information.

    Satisfaction Guarantee:

    • Every Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm comes with a manufacturers 12 month warranty against manufacturer's defects or faults.
    • You also have a 30 day money-back guarantee if you change your mind (providing the alarm has not been used).  
    • You also have our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and we will do our best to ensure the service and products you receive from The Parenting Garden exceeds your expectations.  
    • We want you and your family to experience the same success that we had using The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm, and that's our goal!


     Finally, here's my story

     As a mum I know all too well what it’s like to have a school aged child still wetting the bed at night.....

    My five year old son used to wet his bed each night and believe me, making him put on his pull-ups and telling him to ‘try not to wet the bed tonight’ did nothing for his confidence and self-esteem. In fact, unintentionally I was probably making him feel worse and even ashamed.... I felt guilty about doing this. But what could I do?

    I worked hard through the day and ran a household so I just had to have my sleep…. but having to change my son’s bed sheets during the night or set my alarm at midnight so I can wake him up and take him to the just wasn’t working.... 

    I later found I was committing the most common mistake among parents! By making him wear pull-ups and waking him up through the night, I was transferring the responsibility for staying dry from him to me, therefore my son was not learning anything, and he became accustomed to emptying his bladder during his sleep. I was making the problem worse! I had to shift my focus and let him become responsible for staying dry through the night. There had to be a better way!

    I didn’t realise just how much it was affecting him and how insecure his bed wetting problem was making him feel. I could sense he felt ashamed and that he could not understand why he had this problem and his friends didn’t. I was worried that his bed wetting was making him feel isolated, ‘different’ and insecure. 

    Although I was encouraging and would never tell him off for wetting the bed, I felt incredibly frustrated and was beginning to think it must be me doing something wrong and I was the one failing my son. I was fed up with the size of my washing pile every day, and the money I was spending on buying pull-ups!

    This simple device not only stopped my son's bed wetting, it gave him back his confidence, pride and happiness he so well deserves!  

    Nothing beats the look on their little faces following their first dry night!  So soon your child can also say goodbye to the frustration, anxiety and embarrassment of wetting the bed and soon be saying hello to dry nights, more confidence and sleepovers!  It was the best thing I did for my sons...



     Technical Specs:

    Model No: TPG-05
    Brand: The Parenting Garden
    Power supply: 2 x CR2025 lithium coin batteries (supplied)
    Alarm Size: 50mm x 52mm x 15mm
    Sensor Size: 25mm x 17mm
    Cord Length: 115cm
    Weight: 40g (with batteries)

     ARTG No: 236063

    CE, ROHS, Environmentally Friendly


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