Bed Wetting Enuresis Alarm Success Package

$127.00 AUD

This life-changing program is the complete solution to teaching your child to become dry at night, naturally, using a bedwetting alarm. It has been put together with love, passion and a real understanding of what children and their families go through.

Click here to read more about 'Bedwetting in Children' and learn what causes bedwetting and what you can do to help.

To find out how bedwetting alarms work and how your child uses the alarm, click here to take you to the information page.


The Benefits

  • Easy and fun to use. Easy for children to use and helps boost motivation.
  • Small and hides under clothing. Helps to make sleepovers so much easier.
  • Fast detection. Alarm wakes up child at first sign of wetness.
  • Results are seen quickly. This does wonders for their confidence and self-esteem.
  • No side effects. A safe choice for children.
  • Cost effective. Eliminates the need to buy pull-ups.
  • Entered in the ARTG. The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm is entered in the ARTG, 236063.
  • Environmentally Friendly. No chemicals are used or damage to the environment through the use of the Bedwetting Alarm.
  • Excellent Customer Service. Giving you peace of mind that you can go to someone if you have any questions. Our service does not just stop at the sale.  You'll get genuine advice from another parent who's gone through all this before. 

When would you start to see results?

From the very first night your child uses The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm, the learning process begins. However the conditional learning process will take some time. 

If the Bedwetting Alarm Program is used consistently, typically is takes most children between 3-5 months to stop wetting the bed completely. 

Click here to read more about when to expect results.


Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • Every Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm comes with a manufacturers 12 month warranty against manufacturer's defects or faults.
  • You also have a 30 day money-back guarantee if you change your mind (providing the alarm has not been used).  
  • You also have my 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and I will do my best to ensure the service and products you receive from The Parenting Garden exceeds your expectations.  
  • I want you and your family to experience the same success that my family had using The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm, and that's my goal!


My story! 

If you want to read my family's story and how our dry night journey all began, click here!




So what's included in this Package?

  • Alarm Unit and Spare Sensor

    • The alarm consists of a small alarm unit attached to a comfortable arm band which adjusts to your child's comfort.
    • This is attached to the new and improved moisture sensitive clip by a 110cm sensor cord that you attach securely onto the underpants.
    • Sensor clip can be detached from the cord by a 'locked connector' mechanism, allowing the sensor clip to be replaced!
    • Improved sensor clip with 'aligator' toothed metal clip which prevents clip from slipping off the underwear or accidental dislodging - brilliant!
    • Spare sensor clip in case new sensor is needed! Worth $15.
    • 3 x alarm-face stickers with different designs so your child can personalise their alarm!
    • Detailed and easy to read instructions with helpful tips.
    • Packaged within a strong attractive gift box.
    • 2 x lithium batteries (CR2025) so you can start using the alarm right away.


  • 'Guide to Success' Booklet, Achievement Chart & Stickers

Exclusive to The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package, this 26 page guide includes everything you and your child will need during their dry-night journey including:  
    • Colourful Achievement Chart (removable) and all stickers 
    • Helpful tips to get started
    • Guide for Parents and My Goals for your child 
    • Acknowledging and celebrating important life skills
    • Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting
    • Over-learning and what happens after the program
    • Achievement Certificate on completion
    • How to access support, and more!


  • Letter to your child from Ashton 

    • What better way to motivate your child by giving them a very special letter from another child!
    • It may help them to open up and chat about how they're feeling.
    • It helps them learn that they are not alone.
    • It does wonders for their self-esteem.
    • This letter can also be personalised with your child's name for that extra special touch! Simply type your child's first name in the 'Notes' section of the Shopping Cart, it's that easy! This letter is from a boy (my son) but if you have a daughter and would feel more comfortable with a letter from a girl, please indicate in the 'Notes' section as well.


  • Honour Badges 

    • Your child will have many opportunities to demonstrate their ability to be responsible, practice resilience and increase their self confidence.
    • These self-development achievements can be acknowledged and celebrated by your child in addition to achieving dry nights.
    • Awarded by the parent to their child and when awarded gets placed on their Achievement Chart.


  • Personal support 

    • I am Tanya, your Childhood Enuresis Parent Educator and an experienced user with successful results with my two sons! (Feel free to read my blog here as we went through the dry-night training journey with Cooper).
    • I provide friendly and helpful support and advice when you need it by email or via the private facebook group.
    • I'm here to help you and your child achieve dry nights forever.


  • Access to our Facebook Group

    • For additional support, hints and tips from The Parenting Garden and other parents on this same journey as you.
    • You can request access to this Group immediately following purchase.
    • Feel a part of a team as you embark on this journey with your child.

There you have it, all the above is bundled up into a supportive, motivational and personally prepared package for you and your family!



Model No:  TPG-08
Brand:  The Parenting Garden
Power Supply:  2 x CR2025 lithium coin batteries (supplied)
Alarm Size:  50mm x 52mm x 15mm
Sensor Size:  25mm x 17mm
Cord Length:  110cm
Armband Dimensions:  300mm (L) x 25mm (W)
Weight:  40g (with batteries)
Certifications:  ARTG No: 236063, CE, ROHS