'Guide to Success' Booklet for Bedwetting Alarm Program

$19.00 AUD

Exclusive to The Parenting Garden, this 26 page comprehensive Guide includes everything you and your child will need during their dry-night journey. A wealth of information from getting started to what happens after the program.

Inside the Guide you'll find:  

    • Achievement Chart (removable) and all stickers! 
    • Helpful tips to get started
    • Guide for Parents and My Goals for your child 
    • Acknowledging and celebrating important life skills
    • Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting
    • Over-learning and what happens after the program
    • Achievement Certificate on completion
    • How to access support, and more!

Acknowlede their life achievements!
    • There is also 3 Honour Badge stickers to earn! 
    • Your child will have many opportunities to demonstrate their ability to be responsible, practice resilience and increase their self confidence.
    • These self-development achievements can now be acknowledged and celebrated by your child in addition to achieving dry nights.
    • Awarded by the parent to their child and when awarded gets placed in the special spot on their Achievement Chart.