Captain Dry Pants Mission Activity Book

$19.00 AUD

This 20 page Mission Activity Book can be purchased separately to use with the Captain Dry Pants Bedwetting Alarm Program. 

The Activity Book contains fun activities and learning exercises, along with a removable Achievement Chart and all the Stickers your child will need to complete the Captain Dry Pants Program! No need to download anything - all activities are in this book!

If you haven't purchased the Captain Dry Pants Program, you can still use this booklet as a way for your child to learn about their bedwetting and encourage them to talk about how they feel. 

A clever tool to give to your child as a way to begin discussions about their bedwetting and hopefully get them motivated about becoming dry at night.


The Captain Dry Pants Bedwetting Alarm Program is an interactive and relatable training resource, lovingly created by a mum to help families overcome their childrens bedwetting. With the use of a bedwetting alarm, children embark on a fun learning journey towards achieving 14 dry nights in a row.

They navigate their way through:

  • 7 habit-creating missions
  • Complete fun activities and learning exercises throughout the whole journey
  • Receive video guidance by 10 year old Ashton along the way!

Learn more about our holistic approach to bed wetting and how it's not all about achieving dryness...



    So who is Captain Dry Pants?

    Captain Dry Pants is a fun fictitious character who goes on a journey with your child towards achieving dry nights using a bedwetting alarm. They work together to beat the 'Wet Soggy Underpants' - the ultimate in FUN and EDUCATIONAL dry-night training for children!


    For a 'sneak peek' of the program, click here!