Interactive Worry Plaque (The Irish Fairy Door Company)

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Let the fairies take your worries away! 



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Give your worries to the fairies with this interactive Worry Plaque! Fairy magic can take your worries from you with just one touch, leaving you worry-free.

How does the Worry Plaque work?

The Worry Plaque glows red when your child places their hand on it and thinks of their worry. When the fairies have heard it, the plaque glows green, signifying their worries have transferred to the fairies successfully.

Did you know fairies use human worries to grant wishes? The energy in worries is ground down to make perfect wish-granting dust!



Who will benefit from having a Worry Plaque?

Any children can benefit from having a Worry Plaque in their life, e.g. it can help them with any common worries such as:

  • Fear of the dark
  • Fear of flying
  • Bullying worries
  • Falling out with friends
  • Family worries
  • Fear of spiders or other animals
  • Starting school or going back to school
  • Going to the dentist or doctor
  • Moving home
  • Missing someone
  • Toilet training or bed wetting worries
  • Peer pressure
  • School work
  • and the list goes on..... 

The Worry Plaque is also helpful for non-verbal children, children with special needs or Autism (see video of Rylee below) and has also been helpful in schools (see video below).


Explore different feelings via free content online:

Included in the purchase of your Worry Plaque is access to a collection of positive video affirmations from The Irish Fairy Door Company human fairy, available for free on their website. Simply select the kind of worry you've given away, and watch Fairy Clodagh reassure you that your worry has been heard and all is well!




  • Includes: 1 x Interactive Worry Plaque & access to positive video affirmations.
  • Dimensions: (H)27.5cm x (W)28cm x (D)4cm
  • Batteries: 3 x AA batteries (not included).
  • Can be wall mounted (mounting screws included)


All about the magical Worry Plaque! 


How the Worry Plaque helped Rylee who has Sensory Processing Disorder:


Magical Worry Plaque in Schools:


Captured on Film! Fairies taking worries away:


Worry Plaque works in with other products:

The Interactive Worry Plaque is a great additional tool that can be useful during toilet training or training to become dry at night. See The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package or Toilet Training & Bedwetting.