Captain Dry Pants™ Bedwetting Alarm Online Program & My Bed e Dry™ SMALL Bed Pad Set

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The Ultimate Super-Charged Tools for Dry-Night Training!

 The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package and the My Bed e Dry™ Waterproof Bed Pad Set are perfect companions, then add The Captain Dry Pants Online Program™ to the mix and you've got the ultimate super-charged solution to successful dry-night training!


My Bed e Dry SMALL Bed Pad Set for ultimate protection!

When your child is using a bedwetting alarm and training to become night-time dry, there will be accidents along the way, that is totally normal! For your own sake and for your child's, you'll both want the bed change to be as quick and easy as possible, so that’s where the My Bed e Dry™ can make a real difference!

This three-product system works together to keep beds dry during toilet training and bedwetting. You will always have a spare bed pad under-head (quite literally), saving you valuable time at night.

Made from luxuriously soft fabrics that are quiet and comfortable against the skin, the whole family will be asking for their own!

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Total Value worth $256!



What does the Captain Dry Pants Online Program include?

You'll get ALL this: 

  • Good quality wearable Bedwetting Alarm device (The Parenting Garden) with spare sensor and 3 x alarm-face stickers!

  • 20 page Mission Activity Book with removable Achievement Chart and all the Stickers your child will need! No need to download anything - all activities are in this book!

  • Lifetime access 24/7 to the self-paced ONLINE PROGRAM!

  • 7 x Missions to complete, 3 x Honour Badges to earn and to achieve 14 dry nights in a row!

  • 19 x downloadables which include a Voyage Passport, Journey Map and Achievement Chart, 8 x Activity Sheets and 8 x 'Let's Explore' Activities.

  • Guidance by Tanya and Ashton through 25 x Videos, 8 x Parent Guides, Explanation of Challenges and Instructions for Over-learning.

  • Instant access to the Captain Dry Pants private facebook group for additional support from Tanya and other parents.

  • Opportunity to test their learning by completing Quiz's at the end of each Mission!

  • Letter from Ashton to your child which can also be personalised! Children LOVE receiving their very own letter from another child who has gone through what they are experiencing.

  • Phone and email support by Tanya.

  • Certificate of Completion at the end of their journey (14 consecutive dry nights)!