The Simple SECRET to Dry Nights for your School Aged Child

The Simple SECRET to Dry Nights for your School Aged Child

The Simple SECRET to Dry Nights for your School Aged Child

Simple Secret... Hang on a sec! Is there even such a thing as a secret to successful dry nights? Doesn’t it just come down to when my child is ready, she’ll stop wetting the bed? Or how about I just buy one of those bedwetting alarm arm bands or mats, tell him to wear it and see how it goes? Maybe take him to the doctor? It can’t be that hard could it?

Now, tell that to a parent whose child has never had a dry night, or has suddenly started wetting their bed. Tell that to a parent who has tried everything from reducing fluid intake, GP visits, expensive mats and alarms and still their child wets their bed.

If you have a school aged child with a bedwetting problem, you know what I mean. It can be a very trying time for both your child and the rest of the family and can take its toll on their self-esteem, confidence and self-worth. It’s not that easy to fix, right?

So, I’ll let you in on a little secret that works. The secret my friends is the SECRET. What? (You may say). Please explain?

To put it simply, I have made the word ‘SECRET’ an acronym for successful dry nights and the SECRET is this:

Successful system

Exciting and easy to use

Consistent use each night

Responsibility, relatability and recording

Encouragement and experienced advice

Targeted goal.

Okay, now that makes better sense doesn’t it?

So allow me to explain in detail how this acronym really is a simple, yet very effective solution for your child’s night-time wetting, and how they form the SECRET to successful dry nights.

The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package is the SECRET. It is a system that is extremely successful in helping children train to become night dry and stay dry. The system works. It works because it is designed to create excitement for your child from the moment they open up their box and find their letter, to the morning following their 14th dry night in a row! Coupled with that, The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm is super easy to use, even a four year old can figure it out! With easy to follow instructions, support material and personal support from a mum (such as me!) who’s had a bed wetter, easy is its second letter!

Then there’s that third cracker ‘C’ for consistent. With consistent use of the alarm each and every night, results will show. And when results begin to show it brings back that confidence in your child which is such a joy and relief for a parent to see!

Another major factor why this SECRET is so successful and why they are my favourite, is the R words – responsibility, relatability and rewards. The R’s are the program’s ‘powerhouse’ and is a huge contributor to the success of The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package.

Let’s begin with responsibility. Responsibility has to shift from the parent to the child. If this doesn’t happen, dry night training will not work, period. I was an offender I have to admit. I used to wake my child up during the night, carry him to the bathroom and make sure he aims in the toilet during his slumber state! What was this teaching him? Was this teaching him anything at all? The answer is no. In fact I was making the problem worse by taking responsibility when it should have been him. This program shifts your focus and lets your child become responsible for staying dry through the night, allowing the learning process to begin.

The second powerhouse ‘R’ is relatability. Children dislike being alone and bedwetting can make them feel isolated and feel they are the ‘only one in the world’ who wets their bed! Every child when starting on The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Program receives a very special letter from my son Ashton, who has experienced bedwetting just like them. This letter does amazing things to your child’s confidence and trust in the system, setting them up for a successful start!

The final ‘R’ is for Recording. Who doesn’t like a record of their progress, achievements or milestones? The Parenting Garden achievement chart and stickers provide a fun and colourful visual aid that maps your child’s achievements from start to finish and provides a positive record of their progress. (By the way, every night’s an achievement in this program!)

The letter ‘E’. Representing encouragement and experienced advice, I believe this is just as important as the R’s. Give your child loads of encouragement throughout their dry night training as it keeps them motivated and helps ease their anxiety. As a parent it’s your job to stay positive, kind and patient while your child is going through this stage.

While you are the encourager and supporter to your child, I believe it is equally important that you as a parent receive experienced advice and support in times when it is needed. You are not alone with The Parenting Garden.

The last and final piece of the SECRET to successful dry nights is having a targeted goal. Having a clear achievable goal for your child to aim for is to them like the cherry on the cake! The goal on The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Program is to reach 14 consecutive dry nights.

You can purchase The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package at for under $60. So affordable for something that makes such a difference!

So there it is. I’d like to share this SECRET with as many parents as possible so they too can help their child’s confidence, make sleepovers something to look forward to and most importantly, change their child’s life.

Love and dry nights xx

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