Why Do I Wet My Bed? - Kid's Learning & Activity Book (downloadable version)

$7.95 AUD

Want a ‘secret tool’ you can give to your child to help them understand why they wet their bed? Something they can do on their own (or with you), that’s easy to follow, engaging and fun?

As parents we don’t always have the answers and we also can’t ‘make’ a child motivated to become dry at night - it needs to come from them. If they’re not ready to become dry at night, then it won’t happen. Fact.

I have had many frustrated and desperate parents say they’ve tried everything to stop their child’s bedwetting but nothing’s worked. The only thing it’s done is made their child more anxious, less motivated and feel even more isolated.

That’s why I’ve created this exclusive booklet for 6-12 year olds, to help kids believe they CAN be the boss of their bladder. It helps children understand their bedwetting in a fun way and in words they can understand.

Consider this booklet as a stepping-stone for your child as they learn about their bedwetting, complete fun learning activities, open up their communication with you and for them to show you they’re READY to become dry.

They will discover if they’re ready to put in the work to learn to become dry at night, and take that next step.

While I’ve written this booklet for children, you also play an essential role to their dry night success. It’s equally important that YOU and your child are motivated and equipped to treat their bedwetting.

So whether your child has already shown interest in wanting to become dry, has tried things in the past that didn’t work, or your child is oblivious about their wetting, this booklet will benefit them in many ways!




  • 33-pages of fun learning topics and activities.
  • 8 x fun activities for your child to complete.
  • Easy to read topics (see image of contents page).
  • Parent information on their child's next steps to become dry at night.


Don't have access to a printer?

This Kids Guide to 'Why Do I Wet My Bed?' will be available in hard copy very soon. Once available, the link to purchase the hard copy will be placed here.