Wee Target Boys Toilet Trainer

$8.95 AUD

Are you a mother of boys?

Are you frustrated at their 'distractions' while peeing?

Cleaning the toilet, walls & floor leaving you frustrated?


Let's face it - it's hard for a mother of boys to keep the bathroom clean all the time! Too often boys get distracted and wee hits the lid, the wall, the floor, in fact almost anywhere except the bowl.

Wee Target to the rescue!


What is Wee Target?

Wee Target is a fun way for boys to learn how to aim correctly, encourage toilet training, create an incentive while at the same time keeping mum happy by creating less mess!

Wee Targets are plastic targets that you stick to the inside rim of the toilet to give little boys (and not so little) something to aim for. To make it a lot of fun the targets have heat sensitive black ink spots on them and when the wee hits the target, the black ink 'disappears' to reveal a fun picture underneath. The targets go back to black once the toilet is flushed, ready for next time.

After a bit of creativity, Wee Target was created to help mums with boys and is now being shared with you…



  • Wee Target is a fun game for boys!
  • Teaches how to aim correctly with less mess and less stress.
  • Designed to create an incentive with Toilet Training and positive toilet habits no matter what the age.
  • Aim at the black spot and it will disappear to reveal a fun picture. Flush and the black spot will reappear!




  • LESS MESS: Stops their 'distractions'  to help them aim into the toilet, not out of it, around it, above it….
  • KEEPS BOYS FOCUSED: Even daddy’s love them too! 
  • MAKES WEE TIME FUN: Hit the spot and make a picture appear… flush goes back to the black spot again. Turns weeing into a game.
  • PROVIDES MOTIVATION TO GO: Gives them a reason to go which is fun! Helps overcome fear or disinterest.
  • MAKES YOU HAPPIER: It can drive you 'potty' cleaning up boys wee every day.  It can save you money on cleaning products, save your back, a wee-free floor and a nice smelling bathroom!
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: The Wee Target makes a great gift idea, not just for the little boys but for the big boys too!


How long does it last?

The recommended time is between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the acidity in the urine.  Do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals directly on the black spot as this can break down the components of the ink. No harsh scrubbing.


Can Wee Target fall off?

In all of the trials Wee Target has never fallen off. However, Wee Target can be pulled off  for easy cleaning. Wee Target may be a choking hazard to children. Appropriate precautions must be taken so that a child does not swallow it. Make sure the suction cup is securely fixed and dampening it will help.


How does it work?


Toilet Training Boys of all Ages!