Patterned Teething Strap/Lanyard

$7.95 AUD

Accessorise your Teether!




These patterned lanyards are exactly what you need to complete your little one's outfit while keeping their Teething Egg clean and close-by! Made of thick, high quality ribbon, the harness is washable and durable.  

The metal clasp is strong enough to stay put after a good tug by your little one, but gentle enough not to damage clothing.

The loop attachment is easy to use and compatible with all pacifiers and Teething Eggs.



    • 1 x Patterned Teething Strap/Lanyard (in your choice of design)




     How to Use:

    1. Slip the ribbon loop through the Teething Egg to create a slip knot.
    2. Securely attach to your child's clothing by lifting the plastic latch and securing to baby's garment.
    3. Use ONLY under adult supervision.