Scrunch Moulds

$14.95 AUD
by Scrunch

bend them, scrunch them - they keep their shape! 


What are Scrunch Moulds?

Scrunch Moulds are a fun set of 4 Sand Moulds - dolphin, crab, seashell and foot all packaged in a mesh drawstring bag! Just like the Scrunch Bucket, they are made of silicone, light and pliable and are perfect for the beach, sandpit or bath!  

They squash into your pocket, scrunch into your Scrunch Bucket, squish into your travel or beach bag or squeeze after bath time....



  • Moulds made of silicone rubber, mesh bag made of polyester
  • Light and pliable
  • Perfect for the beach, sandpit or bath
  • Designed in the UK
  • Colour - Blue moulds in a pale blue mesh drawstring bag
  • Average diameter of 9cm
  • 4 moulds per set


The Scrunch Moulds are a perfect complement for the Scrunch Bucket!


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