Pillow Case - 'I am Succeeding while I'm Sleeping' (white)

$24.95 AUD
Color - White

This uniquely printed pillow case is a great motivating tool for your child during toilet training or dry night training!

When your child is using a bedwetting alarm device each night to help train their brain and bladder to communicate better during sleep, their body is actually learning! So every night using or wearing their alarm to bed is a success! That's why I've created a uniquely printed pillow case that says just that.

Just before laying their head down on their pillow for the night, they will read this inspiring quote which they can't miss! Designed to inspire, motivate and give them happy thoughts before bed time. Reading positive quotes or thinking positive thoughts right before bed will trigger their brain to think happy thoughts and encourage them to drift off without lingering worries.


  • 48cm x 78cm.
  • 100% Cotton Pillow Case