My Bed e Dry™ LARGE Waterproof Bed Pad Set

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The no-fuss, quick-change solution to night time accidents!


When your child wets their bed during the night, you want the change to be as quick and easy as possible, so that’s why we’ve come up with the My Bed e Dry™!

This three-product system works together to keep beds dry during toilet training and bedwetting. You will always have a spare bed pad under-head (quite literally), saving you valuable time at night. Made from luxuriously soft fabrics that are quiet and comfortable against the skin, the whole family will be asking for their own!



How does the My Bed e Dry™ work?


So simple to use yet so effective! To prepare for the night:

  1. Affix the two bed pads together via the press studs
  2. Position the pads on top of the fitted bottom sheet
  3. Attach the pillow (with included pillowcase) to the top bed pad
  4. Flip the top bed pad up and around the pillow (Stage 1 below).

If your child should wet through the night, here's how to change:

  1. Your child gets out of bed
  2. Un-clip the wet large bed pad from the pillow and remove
  3. Fold down the second bed pad and smooth onto the bottom sheet (Stage 2 below).


An all-in-one, no-fuss, quick-change solution in under 10 seconds - it doesn’t get any easier than that.




Why is the My Bed e Dry™ different to other bed pads?


Unlike other bed pads, The Bed e Dry™ is uniquely designed with two waterproof bed pads and a super-soft waterproof pillowcase that work together to give 'all night' bed protection.

As well as its innovative design and function, the 'e' in The Bed e Dry™ represents its environment friendliness! Reducing its impact on our earth, it is made from natural sustainable fabrics containing anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, moisture-absorbing and odour reducing properties.

Because of the softness and smoothness of the bamboo fabric top layer, it is ideal for anyone with skin allergies or irritations. We have even eliminated plastic packaging and it arrives to you in a quality reusable drawstring bag made from 100% organic cotton.

The top layer is 100% bamboo terry which is found to be approximately 60% more water absorbent than cotton. It is natural, green and eco-friendly and is the perfect choice of fabric to be worn next to the skin. The 3D constructive layer hidden inside the pad disperse air and moisture away and allows for quick drying and ease of cleaning. Totally latex free, recyclable and helps the bed pad maintain its shape.

Unlike most of our competitors who use PUL for their waterproof barrier, we use TPU film which is manufactured in a more environmentally friendly way than PUL. Unlike PUL which is bonded with the use of chemicals, TPU is thermally bonded with heat, pressure and adhesive instead of the use of chemicals. This makes it a much softer, pliable and more eco-friendly waterproof option.

The Bed e Dry™ is finished off with the luxuriously soft 100% combed cotton backing. The soft fibres of combed cotton naturally 'grip' against the bed sheets ensuring the bed pads stay in place. And when folded around the pillow, it feels so soft and gentle against the face and skin.

Click here for further details about the fabrics used and their benefits.

what’s not to love about the My Bed e Dry™!


So many options - you decide!


The My Bed e Dry™ traditionally comes as two different sized waterproof bed pads and a waterproof pillowcase. However, you can change it to whatever combination you like! You may prefer two smaller bed pads for use in the cot for example, or two of the large bed pads (such as this one!)- they all can stud together what ever combination you choose - the choice is yours!

Or you may choose to buy one bed pad for now then another later on, they can all be purchased separately - it will all still fit together to form the My Bed e Dry™.

You always have the option to add on or mix and match later. As your family grows, so too can the My Bed e Dry™!

NEW - Create your own combinations using the 'Build Your Own' My Bed e Dry™ app! Go on, have a go!



So many uses - you choose!


In addition to keeping beds dry, there are so many other uses for the My Bed e Dry™.

Here are just some suggestions:

  • Cot protector pad for babies and toddlers (small 70cm x 1m pad)
  • Changing mat when out and about.
  • Floor mat for baby’s ‘nappy free’ time.
  • The My Bed e Dry™ can double up as a ‘sick protector’ to protect the bed when your child is sick and vomiting. Or for even better coverage, use two of the large 1m x 1m pads.
  • Wrap the smaller pad around the pillow to protect from dribbles or snot!
  • Insert smaller bed pad into a sleeping bag for camping, sleepovers or school camps.
  • Backseat of the car to protect from accidental drink or food spills.
  • Expectant mums in case their waters should break in bed!
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Used for the elderly in bed, chairs or wheelchairs.
  • Waterproof bed or furniture mat for your pet.




  • Includes 2 waterproof bed pads and a waterproof pillowcase that stud together.
  • All all-in-one change system - saves valued time at night.
  • Ideal for toilet training and bedwetting.
  • Eliminates the need to 'strip' the bed sheets.
  • Generous sizes that are suitable for all kids’ beds including king single.
  • 2 x Large pad sizes (1m x 1m)
  • Naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and odour repelling.
  • Machine washable and quick drying.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Bound edges for extra durability.
  • Breathable and allows air flow.
  • Luxuriously soft and quiet - no crinkly noises!
  • Suitable to be used directly against the skin.
  • Ideal for anyone with skin allergies or irritations.
  • Free of anti-bacterial chemicals.
  • The star-printed combed cotton underside of the bed pad ‘grips’ the sheets so it won’t crinkle or move around on the bed.
  • Free from PVC and latex.
  • Mix ‘n’ match – can purchase separately and add later.
  • Reusable and eco-friendly - the environment will love you!
  • Multi-purpose: so many other uses.





Each My Bed e Dry™ LARGE Bed Pad Set contains the following:

  • 2 x large waterproof bed pads (1m x 1m)
  • 1 x star-printed waterproof pillowcase/slip in 100% combed cotton
  • Full-colour printed brochure with instructions
  • 1 x printed organic cotton drawstring bag

Remember, not only will your family fall in love with the My Bed e Dry™, the environment will too! Made from natural sustainable fabrics and free from chemicals, latex and PVC, the My Bed e Dry™ is the number one choice for the health conscious and planet lover. 

For care instructions and fabric details, please click here.


My Bed e Dry™ and Bedwetting Alarm Success Package COMBO!


The My Bed e Dry™ is a perfect companion for use with The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package, especially during those early weeks when accidents are more likely to happen! In fact, the main reason why the My Bed e Dry™ is here today is due to the many requests by customers of The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Program!

So we've put together a 'Bed Dry Deal' if you purchase a My Bed e Dry™ Bed Pad Set and Bedwetting Alarm Success Package together, you make an overall saving of $20!