Illustrated Safety Book - Cars Are Big & I Am Small

$10.95 AUD

Illustrated Safety Book for Children


Cars are Big and I am Small teaches children safety in car parks, parking lots, driveways and around vehicles. Fun colorful illustrations will keep a child's interest. Suitable from ages 2 & up.



     This item is the SAFETY BOOK only (as pictured above). 
    Please see the Combo Pack with a Parking Pal of your choice in store.


    Why is it needed?

    Designed to complement the Parking Pal Car Magnet, this book is to aid parents in teaching young children the dangers of car parks. There are thousands of children injured or killed yearly in parking lots, car parks and driveways.



      How the Parking Pal idea came about:

      One mother residing in Virginia began to think of ways to keep her kids focused so the chance of them bolting or wondering in parking lots would be eliminated. She created the Parking Pal and IT WORKED! Austin, her 5-year old, and Aiden, her 3-year old, love the Parking Pal. When getting out of or coming back to the vehicle they go directly to it, put their hand on it, fiddle around with it and chat with each other while she gets her youngest into his stroller or back into his car seat. Until all vehicles are equipped with back-up cameras and all until all drivers remember to pay careful attention in car parks, this is a great aid in keeping your child safer. 


      Each pack contains:

      • 1 x Illustrated Safety Book

      Additional Information:

      • Book dimensions: 22cm (l) x 14cm (w) x 2mm (d)