Houdini Stop Chest Strap

$39.95 AUD
"Arrrrhhhh - help me please!
My toddler is constantly slipping his arms out of his car seat straps and I'm so frustrated! Not only is it dangerous for my son if we were to be involved in an accident but it's so time consuming as I have to pull over and get him to put his arms back in.  I need help, there has to be a better way...." 

  • Does this sound familiar?

  • Is it driving you up the wall as well?



Introducing the...

What is it?
The Houdini Stop is basically a chest strap that clips onto your existing carseat straps therefore preventing your child from taking their arms out of the harness.  It holds the existing carseat straps closer together and firmly in position preventing your child from wriggling their arms out.

But is it safe to use or legal?
Yes it certainly is.  The Houdini Stop chest strap has been crash tested at the Autoliv Test Facility in Melbourne to the AS/NZC 1754 Standard.  It was found not to interfere with the performance of any part of the carseat. In all tests the Houdini Stop did not move up and have any contact at all with the throat area.

The Houdini Stop has also been officially crash tested and reviewed by ACRI (Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative). It is legally allowed to be purchased as an accessory and used on a wide range of harnesses. 

It can also be used in replacement for an existing chest clip, however should not be used in addition to an existing chest clip. The old chest clip should be fully removed before using a Houdini Stop.

Can it be used with anything else?
Yes it can!  The Houdini Stop is also suitable for use with highchair or stroller harnesses to prevent your child from standing up and getting out, so yes, it has multiple uses!

But....will it work for my little escapee?
With more than a 95% success rate, I'm certain it will work for you too!  The release mechanism is very hard for little hands to pinch and release. In the event of an emergency situation, it can still be easily released by an adult.

So here are the Houdini benefits....
  • So simple to use and extremely effective
  • Only one hand required to put on and off
  • Your child will find it difficult to move up and down
  • Suitable for a wide range of ages
  • It's universal and can be used on a wide range of harness systems
  • Multipurpose - can be used on car seats, strollers and highchairs
  • Officially safety tested and crash tested

Here's an instructional video on how the Houdini Stop works:
Also available in a NEW Twin Pack which is ideal for multiple births, two car families and share care.