Gummee Glove Teething Mitten

$29.95 AUD

The Award Winning Teething Mitten!


The ever-so-popular Gummee Glove allows your baby to hold a teething ring to ease their sore and inflamed gums. With it's own detachable heart-shaped silicone teething ring, it can be removed for easy cleaning and cold sterilising and can be secured back into place with a very firm, internal fixture. 

The adjustable velcro closure is designed to fit most babies from 3 to 6 months. So no more washing teethers that have been thrown from the pram or picked up from the floor, the Gummee Glove stays securely on your baby's hand leaving the teething ring, well, clean!

Also supplied is Gummee Glove's own little travel bag, which also doubles up as a laundry bag. Simply place the mitten inside after removing the silicone teether and pop in the washing machine on a gentle cycle - it's that easy!   

The Gummee Glove has various different protrusions for baby to bite on, as well as a black and white coloured crinkle square which provides noise for extra play and the colours which are most visually stimulating for baby. These different textures also help baby to understand cause and effect.



  • Glove is 100% cotton 
  • Teether made of food grade silicone, BPA and Phthalate free
  • Passed ALL Australian and World Wide Safety Standards
  • Two teething protrusions
  • Detachable heart-shaped silicone teething ring (can be refridgerated & cold sterilised)
  • Crinkle patch and high contrast pattern and colours
  • Laundry/Travel pouch for hygienic storage
  • Machine Washable
  • Adjustable fit
  • Designed to fit various teethers
  • Encourages babies motor skills
  • Secures onto baby's hand with velcro closure.