Electronic Head Lice Comb

$34.95 AUD
  • Chemical Free
  • Safe for Children
  • Battery Included!  

The Easemed Electronic Anti Head Lice Comb has been designed specially in order to combat an invasion of lice and parasites in adults and children in a simple and effective way, and with no danger to the hair or the scalp.

"I, probably just like you, was first faced with the 'head lice battle' as soon as my eldest child began pre-school.  In addition to the treatments, I used an ordinary nit comb which I found extremely tiresome on long hair, not only for me but was excruciating for my child!  Although effective to some extent, I found the lice and eggs still very hard to remove.  By using the electronic lice comb, I now know that the head lice are being destroyed instantaneously, making my job a lot easier!  Hopefully this product will make fighting the head lice battle easier for you too..."  Tanya


How does it work?

It is perfectly easy and quick to use!  When the Electronic Lice Comb comes in contact with head lice, the teeth of the unit generate an electric charge of 160V DC (powered by 1 x AAA battery which is included), which immediately electrocutes the lice on contact but is imperceptible to humans and completely safe to use.

In addition when brushing the comb through, the toothed structure (extruded steel) loosens the head lice and removes them from the hair at the same time.  Since there is no active chemical substance involved in the use of the electronic head lice comb, you are able to repeat the brushing process as often as necessary.

Is it safe to use on children?

The Electronic Lice Comb is totally painless and inoffensive, and is particularly ideal for using on young children and those with sensitive scalps.  The low value of the current generated by the 1.5V battery means that the Electronic Lice Comb is totally harmless to humans.

For optimal use of the Electronic Head Lice Comb, it is recommended that you comply with the following guidelines:

  • Not recommended for people with pace makers fitted.
  • Not recommended for people suffering from epilepsy.
  • Not recommended for people with heart problems.
  • Do not use on damp or wet hair.

Package Includes:

 Everything to start using your Anti Head Lice Comb straight away!

  • Electronic Anti Head Lice Comb (Model: FDCO-V6)
  • 1 x AAA Battery
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Easy-to-read Instruction Leaflet
  • Attractive Packaging


 Famidoc Technology Ltd
 Battery Voltage:
160-260V DC
 83.8 x 65 x 19.4 mm
Power Supply:
1 x AAA Battery (supplied)
 Battery Life:
6 hours continuous use
Class 1, by rule 1 of Annex IX of MDD