DryKids Coaching by Peter Grise

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by DryKids

DryKids Coach Peter Grise teaches parents how to end bed wetting, sleep walking and night terrors quickly and easily, without drugs. The method is called “behavioural modification” which means simply discovering the causes and training in new sleep habits. Clients say it’s “fast, fun and easy!”

Do you need extra help with your child's bedwetting?

If your child is still suffering from bedwetting and you need extra help from someone who knows their stuff and can change your child's life, then keep reading....

For a limited time The Parenting Garden have partnered with an amazing DryKids Coach, Peter Grise, who can virtually guarantee a fast, happy and fun end to children’s bedwetting.

Peter has been coaching in the industry for 15 years and has helped hundreds of children all over the world overcome their bedwetting through his methods to change bladder behaviour and be boss of their sleep. Using his program, combined with alarm training, he’s achieved success rates as high as 95%!

His coaching and 4 Steps To Dry video series helps children become dry in less than 12 weeks. Some as little as 2 weeks.

What's involved?

You will receive regular zoom coaching sessions with Coach Peter and Tanya Harry until your child is completely dry. You will use your bedwetting alarm from The Parenting Garden while you receive the coaching. Some of the methods Coach Peter will teach you and your child include exercises to tone the bladder and bowel, lighten sleep and create awareness during sleep.

Peter's bed wetting treatment method is behavioral modification, which is an approach that changes the habits that cause the problem. It combines the best practices of experts in pediatric hospital programs, with personal follow-through.

There are usually three or more causes present including food sensitivities, emotional reaction to bed wetting, anxiety, constipation, improper hydration and poor bladder tone. When you try just one method, it doesn’t often work and the child is frustrated. This is why a bed wetting alarm works best used as part of a larger program.

All coaching sessions are held regularly by Zoom to lead your family from step to step until your child’s bedwetting is fixed. 

Can you answer YES to all these 3 questions?

If you can answer these 3 questions with an affirmative YES, then Coach Peter can guarantee your child's success:

1) Has your child expressed an interest in being dry at night?
2) Is your child free of serious medical issues?
3) Are you willing to do a little work to help your child?

If you answered YES to all these questions and you’d love this amazing Coach to help you end your child’s bedwetting once and for all, then DryKids Coaching is for you.

For further info on Peter Grise and his DryKids Coaching, please visit https://drykids.info

If you'd like to have a chat with Tanya to determine how coaching can benefit you and your child, then feel free to book a complimentary 15 minute phone consult using the below link: 


What's included?

  • Personal Coaching by Peter Grise via Zoom until the bedwetting is fixed.
  • 4 Steps to Dry video series that teach children how to be boss of their own sleep and bladder behaviour.
  • Resources, manuals and charts.

Success rate is virtually 100% if the new night time routine is followed consistently.

“The cause of the enuresis is generally not pathological and can be treated with behavioral therapy. Success rates can be as high as 90 percent when alarm training is combined with behavioural modification, elimination diet, and most cases resolve within two months…."
Kimberly Dunn, PNP, Laura Weissman, MD, and Sherry Tsai, CPNP, of BOSTON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL

“Peter is amazing!!!! He had my son stop wetting the bed in 2 months. He was 9. My doctor said it was normal and I listened to her. I wish I
would have looked into this sooner. I would have started him at 5.
So if your doctr says it’s normal, well it is, but it doesn’t help the self esteem. If your child is wetting the bed, don’t wait until they are
older like I did. My son was dry in 2 months.”
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