Bottle Pets Bottle Cover

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What is a Bottle Pet?

A Stuffed Animal and Baby Bottle Cover IN ONE!

Are you looking for a baby gift idea with a difference?  All NEW Bottle Pets are the perfect baby shower or birthday gift.  Bottle Pets are stuffed animal baby bottle covers designed to make bottle feeding FUN and help babies learn to hold their bottle by themselves!  These soft little characters gives something soft for babies to hold and they're also fun to play with, even when its not feeding time!

Bottle Pets put the FUN back into bottle feeding!

Bottle Pets were developed by two mumpreneurs in the USA who wanted to make feeding time fun, so they brought together two things that babies really love - milk and toys!  They also bring together what families crave - convenience and peace of mind.

Bottle Pets are soft bottle covers made from 100% polyester, making them cuddly and touchable and so easy to clean!  Each pet is designed to withstand hugs and spills, just throw in the washing machine on gentle cycle when it gets grubby!  Available in child-friendly colours which make great snuggle companions!

Bottle Pets make mealtime FUN for your little one and when they are finished with their bottle they will still have their soft cuddly toy to cuddle and play with.


What are the benefits of using Bottle Pets?

  • Helps babies learn to hold the bottle
  • Helps ease the transition to and from bottle feeding
  • Helps babies develop early hand and eye coordination
  • Provides insulation for the bottle
  • Helps the transition from bottles to sippy cups (without handles)
  • Machine washable in cold water and gentle cycle.  Also suitable for the dryer on low heat.


Do Bottle Pets Covers fit any bottle?

It's easy to fit the plush cover over almost any bottle.  Bottle Pets fit most narrow and wide neck baby bottles including Avent, Tommee Tippee, Dr Brown's, Playtex Nurser and even some sippy cups too (without handles!).  The teat of the bottle fits through the toy/cover's mouth.  Not only does a Bottle Pet cover become a soft playful friend, but it also provides insulation for the bottle so baby can enjoy warm or cool fluids any time!

100% Safe

Bottle Pet Baby Bottle Covers are 100% safe and have met rigorous child safety standards, ensuring parents have peace of mind. They are ASTM safety approved, lead free and phthalates free.


Click on the video below for a demonstration of the BOTTLE PET Baby Bottle Cover:

Here's what some other mums had to say!

"Simply put, this is the BEST invention ever! As a mother of two children, I know a thing or two about lovelies and bottle feeding, and my advice is that Bottle Pets have tackled both problems head on."

"Sometimes feeding a baby can be difficult, at times if your baby is overly fussy it can turn into a screaming fest and put the first time parent into tears. Bottle Pets make for bottle feeding to be more of a fun event, capturing the attention of your little one with the bright, but not over stimulating colors and animal options."

"My son is breast fed, however he has a difficult time taking milk from a bottle, he wants nothing to do with it. This "bottle pets" seemed like a great idea to help him warm up to the idea of a bottle (especially so I'm able to get out from time to time and daddy can help feed him!) When I opened the package I thought it was absolutely adorable! It's extremely soft and very cute! I was so excited to try this puppy out (no pun intended)".