Information about Bedwetting and Where to Buy a Waterproof Mat, Bed Pad, or Mattress Protector

Bedwetting is a widespread problem experienced by children every year. It’s important to understand that bedwetting is not a behavioural problem and that it is entirely normal. Furthermore, it is usually a simple issue to correct with the right process and supplies.

What causes bedwetting?

We don’t always understand the reason for bedwetting in older children. Smaller bladder capacities, genetics, and a tendency to sleep deeply may all be factors. Occasionally, a physical condition is to blame, so check with your child’s doctor if bedwetting continues after the age of six, your child has accidents during the day, or is becoming excessively frustrated or troubled by the problem. Otherwise, know that bedwetting is quite normal and almost always simple to resolve.

What treatments are available?

As with any initiative, a plan for correcting bedwetting will work best if your child is motivated and involved. Remember to be very positive and encouraging on the good nights and avoid negativity and punishments on the bad nights – there will be both. Resist the temptation to offer an exciting prize as a reward, which can add to your child’s stress. A sticker chart such as The Parenting Garden’s Achievement Chart can be a fun and useful way for your child to track their progress, especially when combined with another tool such as a bedwetting alarm.

Using a waterproof mattress protector

A waterproof mat or bed pad can make clean-up much quicker in the middle of the night and protect your child’s mattress as well. The Parenting Garden offers a range of mattress protectors, such as the small or large My Bed e Dry Waterproof Bad Pad. This mat covers and protects your child’s mattress and other bedding for the quickest, easiest bed change possible. For the ultimate mattress protector and the most uncomplicated bed change ever, try the My Bed e Dry Waterproof Bed Pad Set, a three-piece system that is so easy to use, many children can do it themselves.

Using bedwetting alarms

Most people who try bedwetting alarms find them highly efficient. Within six to eight weeks, your child can be staying dry successfully with the help of a system such as The Parenting Garden’s Bedwetting Alarm Success Package. Bedwetting alarms teach your child’s brain to have control over the bladder with a moisture sensor that wakes your child up with sound, vibration, and flashing lights at the first drop of urine.

About The Parenting Garden

At The Parenting Garden, we’re parents ourselves, so we understand the frustration of watching your child struggle with bedwetting. Finding solutions that work is a huge confidence boost for your child and can indeed help them feel more independent and accomplished, something that’s important to their self-esteem. We are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and quality products that make parenting easier. Please contact The Parenting Garden with any questions or comments – we’re glad to help.