Help Your Child Succeed with a Bedwetting Alarm, Bed Wetting Sheets or Mat, and Find the Nursery Bedding Supplies You Need at The Parenting Garden

Bedwetting is a familiar issue with kids, especially those under the age of six or seven. A bedwetting alarm is considered the most effective treatment, with thousands of children achieving dry nights and happy mornings. Bed wetting alarms work with a specially-designed moisture sensor with an alarm that sounds at the first sign of urination. The beeping sound wakes up the child, who can then go to the toilet. This conditions the child to awake when they need to urinate or gain the ability to sleep through the night dry. The process can take as little as a week or as long as a few months, but most children do respond well to this treatment, and learning begins with the first use.

How do bedwetting alarms work?

The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm works by waking up the sleeping child if they begin to urinate during the night. At first, it’s often the parent who is awakened by the alarm, and this gives them the opportunity to wake up the child. The moisture-sensitive part of the system activates the alarm, which emits a loud beeping sound. The process of being awakened by the alarm at the first drop of urine eventually creates a link in your child’s mind, and ultimately, it will be a full bladder – not wet sheets – that causes your child to wake up.

Our Bedwetting Alarm has two main components: the moisture sensor and the alarm itself. The moisture sensor attached to your child’s underclothes and has a cord that leads to the alarm, which straps comfortably to your child’s arm. As soon as your child starts to urinate, the alarm beeps, vibrates, and flashes to ensure it wakes up even deep sleepers.

The advantages of The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm

The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm is fun and easy to use, giving your child a sense of independence and confidence and empowering them to overcome their wetting issues once and for all. The system fits discreetly underneath pyjamas; there are no embarrassing, bulky parts to cause discomfort. Most children enjoy fast results, and you’ll save time and money not having to buy pull-up pants or do never-ending loads of laundry. This highly effective system is also environmentally friendly, using no chemicals or other potentially harmful components. Also, when you purchase your bedwetting alarm system from The Parenting Garden, you won’t just receive the product; you’ll also receive advice and ongoing support from a fellow parent who’s experienced just what you’re going through before.

Find all the bedwetting and other parenting supplies you need at The Parenting Garden

At The Parenting Garden, we have everything you need to conquer bedwetting and care for your children. Bed wetting sheets or a bedwetting mat can make life much easier while your child is learning to stay dry at night. We also offer nursery bedding, feeding supplies, baby accessories, car safety equipment, and much more. Whether you’re looking for bedding for your nursery, a waterproof mat, or some other useful piece of equipment to make parenting easier, The Parenting Garden can help.