Calm a Fussy Baby with a Snotty Nose Aspirator

When your child is sick, it’s difficult to concentrate on anything else but finding a way to comfort them. Since new-borns and infants can’t clear their own stuffy sinuses and need to breathe through their noses, it’s essential to keep their airway clear of mucus.

At The Parenting Garden, we realise that a sick child and a new parent can be a stressful combination. That’s why we offer a wide variety of baby products online. From baby bags to stroller organisers and nursing pads and feeding items, there’s something for every parent online. For example, when it comes to stuffy noses, the baby nose aspirator can be a revelation on a sleepless night.

The Snotty nose aspirator can be helpful when your goal is to clear the nasal passageways of your little one. This battery operated, handheld device is the perfect solution to a tiny, stuffy nose. As a second-generation aspirator, this model is super quiet and can be used at the child’s bedside without waking them. Also, this unit stands straight up and can be stored in an upright position for ease of use. It’s also powerful and efficient, providing constant suction to clear a clogged nose in seconds.

Rest Easy with No-Fuss Bed Wetting Solutions

Another test of parenthood is when your child is toilet training or experiencing bedwetting. Wetting the bed can be an embarrassing time in a child’s life and a regular part of learning how to use the toilet. Some believe that bedwetting (also known as Bed Wetting Enuresis) this condition can impact a child’s self-esteem and social development. No matter what the cause, it can add stress to a bedtime routine.

We offer a variety of effective items to support your child through toilet training and bedwetting. Using the renowned Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package or the My Bed e Dry™ Waterproof Bed Pad Set, your child is likely to experience a dry night using these products, especially during the early days of toilet training.

Each of these items is designed to condition a child’s body to stop urinating before they empty their bladder and to keep the bed as dry as possible, so accidents don’t cause embarrassment. By having a spare bed pad handy, you can quickly change a soiled bed and get back to bed yourself. The pads are designed from comfortable fabrics and will save you time, encouraging the entire family to get more sleep.

Find Affordable Children’s and Baby Accessories Online

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your child accomplish a task or get through a problem. For example, when your child learns to eliminate using the toilet you can witness your child’s soaring confidence and pride. In the meantime, if you are potty-training, a fantastic way to get more sleep is by using our line of quick change items that enable you to get back to bed quickly after a bedwetting incident.

From the snotty nose aspirator to bedwetting pads, our baby and children’s products are reliable and efficient. Each has been successfully tested and used with our own children so you can count on our affordable inventory for support and innovation.