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It’s not easy being a parent and kids certainly don’t come with an instruction booklet. Working to toilet train a child can be stressful for both the child and parent and requires much patience and dedication. Some parents have a magic number in mind wherein they believe all children should no longer wear diapers. They transfer the child into pull-up disposable diapers to encourage the child’s shift to underwear and eventually to eliminate in the toilet. Although there are varied ways to handle toilet training most would agree it can be a considerable source of stress for a family.

The journey through potty-training can expend a great deal of a child’s energy as parents work to encourage their child to cease from doing the very activity that they’ve been allowed to do (relieve themselves in their diaper) since they were born. What follows is often a frustrating time for both parent and child.

At The Parenting Garden, we know the value of top-quality potty-training tools. Our online baby shop houses a variety of children’s items that are designed to help you and your child through many experiences such as potty-training, reading, eating and bedwetting.

Experience a Full Night’s Sleep with Affordable Baby Products Online

As a busy parent, you probably don’t have time to research all the various child-related products for sale on the market today. Our online store provides time-strapped parents with one all-inclusive shop that carries all the prevailing and new children’s items.

For example, our baby shop carries a fantastic alarm success package with which you can say goodbye to endless washing of sheets and reduce the money you spend on pull-ups. Also, your child won’t be embarrassed at sleep-overs and will be conditioned to control their bladder.

This bundle includes all the essentials to move through the beginning stages of potty-training such as an easy to wear alarm that wakes the child at the first signs of wetness. This system was developed by a parent who knows first-hand how traumatic bedwetting can be for a child.

Discover Baby Stores Online for Affordable, Innovative Items

Having a family can be expensive, and it appears there is always something that the kids need. Luckily our online marketplace makes getting the products you love easy. From books to diaper bags and breastfeeding, we carry a host of children’s products that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating parent.

Some of the items you will find in our store during our online baby sale fall into the following categories:

  • Pregnancy, Feeding, and Nursing
  • Summer Fun in the Sun
  • Out and About
  • Keepsake Gifts and Books
  • Teething
  • Toilet Training and Bedwetting
  • Baby, Toddler, School Aged
  • Mealtimes
  • Monitoring
  • Car Safety
  • Healthcare and Treatments

We also offer many items for sale that are made just for parents who sometimes need a break from parenting. In our online shop, you’ll find stroller organizers, breastfeeding scarves, whimsical worry plaques, reference books and Christmas props to play with while enjoying a cup of tea.