Bed Wetting Alarm Success Package & My Bed e Dry™ LARGE Bed Pad Set

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The Ultimate Tools for Dry-Night Training!

The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package and the My Bed e Dry™ Waterproof Bed Pad Set are perfect companions, especially during those early weeks when accidents are more likely to happen!

In fact, the main reason why the My Bed e Dry™ is here today is due to the many requests by customers of The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Program!

When your child is using a bedwetting alarm and training to become night-time dry, there will be accidents along the way, that is totally normal! For your own sake and for your child's, you'll both want the bed change to be as quick and easy as possible, so that’s where the My Bed e Dry™ can make a real difference!

This three-product system works together to keep beds dry during toilet training and bedwetting. You will always have a spare bed pad under-head (quite literally), saving you valuable time at night.

Made from luxuriously soft fabrics that are quiet and comfortable against the skin, the whole family will be asking for their own!

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  • 1 x The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package worth $87
  • 1 x LARGE My Bed e Dry™ Waterproof Bed Pad Set (2 x large bed pads and 1 x waterproof pillowcase) worth $124

Total Value worth $221!

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How to Use

Here's how to use both products together:

  1. Assemble the two bed pads together and lay them directly on top of the fitted bottom sheet.
  2. Attach the bed pads to your pillow with the included pillowcase then flip the top bed pad up and around the pillow.
  3. Assist your child to attach the bedwetting alarm unit around their upper arm with the armband then clip the moisture sensor clip onto their undies.
  4. Put your child to bed, lying directly on top of the large bed pad (1m x 1m).
  5. When your child wets, the alarm will begin beeping and wake your child up.
  6. Assist your child to the toilet so they can empty their bladder.
  7. If the bed pad is wet, simply un-clip the pad from the pillow, fold corners inwards and remove from the bed. 
  8. Fold down the second bed pad (which is also attached to the pillow) and smooth onto the bottom fitted sheet.
  9. Put your child back to bed. Any subsequent accidents during the night will still protect the child's sheets from getting wet.