How to Help Manage My Child’s Daytime Wetting

How to Help Manage My Child’s Daytime Wetting

How to Help Manage My Child’s Daytime Wetting

Well, the first thing you should do if your child has daytime wetting as well as bedwetting, is set aside a period of time over the course of a few days to observe your child’s bladder and bowel behaviour. And take notes. 

So to make it easier for you, below this article I’ve included a quick Daytime Wetting Checklist. It’s best to do this when your child is home so you can observe their toileting behaviour the whole day. This is super easy! 

So, once you’ve finished monitoring your child for a couple or a few days, and you’ve identified some symptoms of daytime wetting, it would be a good idea to make an appointment with your GP and simply take your completed checklist with you! 

child on GP

So what other things can you do to help your child if they are wetting during the day?

Very important one, make sure your child is drinking enough fluid during the day, preferably water.

Avoid drinks that contain caffeine. This includes hot chocolate by the way!
If you feel constipation is the cause, then you can treat constipation by increasing their fluids and dietary fibre, and maybe the use of laxatives.

increase fluid and fibre

And it’s good practice to remind your child to visit the toilet regularly, like 5 to 7 times per day. And remind them to not hold on for too long when they feel the need to do a wee.

Also, encouraging your child to take extra time on the toilet is also a good idea, so that he or she will be more likely to completely empty their bladder. 

I’ve included all these tips I just mentioned, in the downloadable below so you can check them off as you go! 

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