Advantages of Using Teething Toys and Where to Find Baby Teethers Online

It’s no secret that babies love to explore things with their mouths, and their toys are no exception. One reason they do this is to satisfy their curiosity –‘how does this taste, or feel’? However, another reason they do it is to soothe their aching gums as teeth come in. Much of a baby’s first year is spent teething, and when their gums are tender, the pressure of biting down on something soft and chewy can provide needed relief. Chewing on teething toys also aids babies’ development by encouraging them to move their tongues around inside their mouths, teaching awareness of their mouths, and beginning to give them the skills they’ll eventually need to start talking.

Because babies will put almost anything in their mouths, it’s always preferable to have specially designed teething toys around that are safe, non-toxic, and easy to clean. At The Parenting Garden, we offer a range of teethers made to satisfy baby’s urge to chew, from our Gummee Glove Teething Mitten to our Yummy Buddy Teether Plush Toy and many more. Teething mittens have the added advantage of protecting babies from accidentally scratching their faces with sharp little nails.

How Baby Teething Toys Work

Teething toys soothe sore gums, teach babies about their environment, help them build the foundation for later speech, and promote motor skills. They also help babies learn problem-solving skills, as babies using teethers learn that they can relieve their own aches with the toy.

Teething toys come with instructions for use and cleaning and are very simple to use. You may clean the toy before its first use, and you may want to place the toy in the refrigerator for a while, which makes it cold and may feel even better on painful gums. Avoid freezing toys excessively – if you place the toy in the freezer, limit its chilling time to 15 minutes or so to prevent the toy from becoming too hard or cold. A teether just needs to be cool to provide added relief, not frigid. Frozen toys may hurt sensitive gums as well as being difficult for babies to hold with their hands. However, you may store clean teething toys in the fridge for extended periods to keep them available. Chilled teething toys work on sore gums in much the same way as ice packs relieve pain and swelling from any injury. Babies often chew on their fingers if they don’t have a teething toy available, so it’s a clever idea to keep several around.

Find Baby Teething Toys and Other Supplies at The Parenting Garden

At The Parenting Garden, we offer a range of teething toys in different materials and styles. All our teethers are safe, washable, and visually interesting for babies. Because we’re parents too, we are dedicated to selling only quality products we’ve tested ourselves and given our seal of approval. We offer a wide variety of supplies and equipment for pregnancy, babies, and children, including feeding and nursing, teething, nursery, monitoring, car safety, and bedwetting and toilet training supplies. We love making parents’ lives more comfortable, and we are happy to answer any questions or advise you on the best products to suit your needs. Contact The Parenting Garden with any questions, and happy teething!