TOOSH COOSH Toddler Tray


Make mealtimes good clean fun!


The Toddler Tray does it all! It helps with the mess, the spills and, most importantly, your stress levels. Your toddler learns from the family by eating with them; and you get to keep your sanity (at mealtimes, at least!)

The raised sides help control the mess and stops plates from sliding out of reach. The deep tray both helps contain liquid spills and keep the tray in place at the table edge.

The 100% food-grade melamine is both easy to wipe clean and dishwasher safe. And the carefully-chosen graphics will both appeal to toddlers and help educate them in this key learning time.


  • Nontoxic 100% food-grade melamine
  • Fits perfectly over the table edge
  • Unique non-slip design
  • Well-designed lip catches spills, even liquid!
  • Easy to clean with a quick wipe down in the sink
  • Educational graphics embedded, so won’t fade or peel
  • Durable enough to last generations
  • Light and portable enough to be a travel tray
  • Designed to engage and educate your toddler
  • Ideal for containing playtime mess, too!
  • Choose from two fun designs - Jungle or Robot.




    Suitable for ages from 2+ years.


    • Height: 3.5cm
    • Width:  40cm
    • Depth:  30cm
    • Warranty: 1 Year