Label Label Friends Comforter - Pig

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The Label Label Friends Comforter is an adorable comfort blankie that provides your little one with a sense of security and comfort and helps enhance growth and development.




What is the Comforter made of?

The blankie is made of soft plush and is suitable for both boys and girls. This blankie is also made out of various materials with different textures, so the baby can detect the differences and choose their favorites. Both sides have different features and textures.    

Also make great gifts!

These Comforters are an ideal and adorable gift and also make a great baby shower gift for any expectant parent.


  • Ages: 0+ months
  • Babies are comforted by these soft, colourful toys
  • Safe design for the smallest hands and greatest fun!
  • Assorted printed and textured tags
  • Help stimulate and develop core motor skills
  • Fun characters to choose from
  • Cute, super-soft animal comfort blankie
  • Take along for baby on the go
  • Machine washable

Entertain baby wherever they go!

Label Label toys can be clipped onto bouncers, cots, strollers or car seats and entertain babies wherever they go.

Other Characters:

There are other cute characters to choose from including Cow and Lion!